Um, Ed Sheeran's Manager Straight Up Called Princess Beatrice a "F*cking Idiot"

Remember back in the day (2016, to be exact!) when The Sun reported that Princess Beatrice accidentally cut Ed Sheeran’s face with a ceremonial sword? It was a whole thing but TLDR: Beatrice was reportedly mock-knighting James Blunt at a party in Windsor, as you do, and managed to slice poor Ed in the process. And um, apparently his manager Stuart Camp is not over it.

Stuart told the Straight Up podcast (via People) that he hasn’t “heard hide nor hair” from Beatrice since the incident:

I’m truly LOL. Oh, and also FYI that James Blunt tried to deny this is what happened in 2017, telling Shortlist that “Ed was drunk, messing around, and he cut himself.”


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