11 cricket jumpers that subtly tap into the stripy knit trend that’ll be huge this winter

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These are jumpers that are in equal measure cool and quirky, with none of the sporting affiliations. 

Not all knitwear was created equally, that much needs to be established to start with. There are chunky knits, more streamlined knits, knitted vests and everything in between; they truly run the gamut, which is why it will come as no surprise that a trend from 2010 is making a verified comeback on fashion’s stage this year. 

Cricket jumpers made famous by, yes – you guessed it, cricketers, have had something of a revival and have been interpreted into a clutch of vest, dress and hoodie iterations. The trend, which was on the ascent in 2010 when Diana Vickers was rarely seen without one during her stint on X Factor UK and, given the popularity of borrowing from the man in your life’s wardrobe, it’s made a return.

Everybody from Victoria Beckham to Maje has put their own spin on the classic cricket jumper, crafting instantly covetable wares in the process. Beckham’s riff on the jumper is a naturally chic oversized sweater vest dress, while Maje’s is classic and three-quarter sleeved. The beauty of the cricket jumper, in all of its reimagined forms, is its versatility: have you ever really felt confused about how to wear a cream jumper? Just throw on with a pair of your favourite jeans and a pair of stomper boots, or, to be totally honest, anything else you fancy wearing and just watch the jumper work its magic. Promise you’ll thank us later.

  • H&M rib-knit jumper

    H&M rib-knit jumper

    H&M’s ribbed cricket jumper is a perfect oversized knit for throwing on with jeans or over dresses and skirts. 

    Shop H&M rib-knit jumper, £14.99


  • Urban Outfitters knitted cream vest

    Urban Outfitters knitted cream vest

    Sweater vests are still very much in fashion this autumn, but this cricket jumper-infused offering is the real star of the style show. 

    Shop Urban Outfitters knitted cream vest, £22


  • Maje Meteo V-neck cotton-knit jumper

    Maje Meteo V-neck cotton-knit jumper

    Maje is the purveyor of all things cool, calm and collected, and this knitted jumper is proof. Keep your jeans true blue to really make the preppy DNA of the jumper pop.

    Shop Maje Meteo V-neck cotton-knit jumper, £109.50


  • Gant varsity pull-over jumper

    Gant varsity pull-over jumper

    Gant’s slightly more autumnal-toned cricket jumper is perfect for those who prefer all-black ensembles. Slip under a black coat for a perfect go-to look.

    Shop Gant varsity pull-over jumper, £145


  • Ralph Lauren hooded cricket jumper dress

    Ralph Lauren hooded cricket jumper dress

    If you prefer dresses, then look to Ralph Lauren’s hooded interpretation, which just needs a pair of chunky trainers for it to be good to go.

    Shop Ralph Lauren hooded cricket jumper dress, £305


  • Labelrail x Hana Cross oversized cricket jumper

    Labelrail x Hana Cross oversized cricket jumper

    With visibly chunky knits, this creamy cricket jumper would pop in all of the best ways when worn with creamy jeans and chunky sandals. 

    Shop Labelrail x Hana Cross oversized cricket jumper at Asos, £42


  • Victoria Beckham knitted V-neck dress

    Victoria Beckham knitted V-neck dress

    Victoria Beckham’s knitted dress is oozing with Beckham’s own oversized and chic DNA: pair with chunky flatform sandals for a perfect transitional season look.

    Shop Victoria Beckham knitted V-neck dress, £390


  • Reiss Cora V-neck cricket jumper

    Reiss Cora V-neck cricket jumper

    If you’d prefer to slip a little more under the radar with your cricket jumper, then look to Reiss’ navy and red-toned knit, which is also available in white. 

    Shop Reiss Cora V-neck cricket jumper, £138


  • Gucci V-neck wool knit jumper

    Gucci V-neck wool knit jumper

    A Gucci knit is a timeless buy; one which will stand the test of time and do all of the hard work for you. 

    Shop Gucci V-neck wool knit jumper, £640


  • Burberry V-neck cricket jumper

    Burberry V-neck cricket jumper

    A similarly timeless option comes by way of Burberry, whose toffee-toned jumper will make transitioning between seasons totally seamless for you and your wardrobe.

    Shop Burberry V-neck cricket jumper at FarFetch, £720


  • Sacai ribbed and cable-knit wool sweater

    Sacai ribbed and cable-knit wool sweater

    If you’re not a V-neck lover, then Sacai’s back-to-front cricket jumper ought to be your go-to. Keep your bottom simple and pared-back and have fun with the backless form of it.

    Shop Sacai ribbed and cable-knit wool sweater at Net-a-Porter, £610


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