Amelia Gray Hamlin Rocks Lisa Rinna's Vintage Couture – and More Celebrity Moms and Kids Who Raid Each Others' Closets

Lisa Rinna & Amelia Gray Hamlin

The model knows timeless fashion when she sees it  — which explains why she was thrilled to inherit this vintage Alaïa gown from her Real Housewives star mom. 

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Ava Sambora & Heather Locklear

Ava Sambora shared photos of her wearing her mom’s old Bon Jovi shirt, captioning them in an Instagram post, “I got it from my mama (Like I literally got this shirt from my mom’s closet 🤪).”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Ava — whose dad is Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora — also shared a shot of Locklear clad in the same top from 20 years ago in her post. 

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Yolanda & Gigi Hadid

Just one day after the supermodel stepped out wearing this cozy Naked Cashmere turtleneck and joggers, her mom snagged the set and wore it herself for a day out in N.Y.C.

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Chrissy & Vilailuck Teigen

It’s no surprise that the mom of clapback queen Chrissy is an expert-level troll herself. Vilailuck posted a shot to her Instagram of herself wearing Chrissy's $925 16Arlington dress and wrote “So Who wore better?” – to which the model responded, “oh my god you dork.”

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Courteney Cox & Coco Arquette

The purple floral dress Coco borrowed from her mom’s closet may officially be classified as “vintage” (Courteney first wore it to the 1998 premiere of Snake Eyes), but on the 14 year old, it looks brand-new. “I’m not one to hold onto things but this was a damn good purchase! 21 years later…” Courteney wrote on Instagram.

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Iron Mom! The actress found a creative way to ensure that her 7-year-old son Xavier’s Halloween costume gets plenty of wear, though she acknowledged that he might not be as into the solution as she is. “I’m super into the fact that I can now share clothes with my kid. He may not feel the same,” she wrote on Instagram. “OR.. maybe he’s wearing some Versace leggings as I speak at you..?”

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Though the New York Real Housewife has been accused of stealing dresses in the past, daughter Avery, 23, actually took this out of her mom’s closet: “Thanks @ramonasinger for the outfit” she wrote on Instagram. (Ramona borrowed it right back, though, wearing it on the infamous boat trip in Cartagena.)

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If you needed further proof that the ’90s are back, look no further than the Riverdale star, who rocked a look straight her mom’s closet for Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces event recently. She gave mom Amy a shoutout on her Instagram Story for lending the strappy, rosette-adorned pink number, writing, “Thanks for letting me borrow your dress, Mom.”

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Yolanda takes her Model Mama status very seriously, as she proves by rocking the sexy Kiini two-piece her daughter sported last summer.

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Elaine Lively gave daughter her good genes, and the actress returns the favor by inviting her mom to the Marchesa show, then lending her a fabulous Ralph Lauren poncho to wear to it.

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The Kardashians are very candid about their open-closet policy, and that extends to mom Kris Jenner (here in her daughter’s Donna Karan dress), who has raided Kim’s closet on more than one occasion.

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There are many perks to having a supermodel mom. Inheriting her looks is one of them. Inheriting her amazing wardrobe is another. Kaia Gerber (then 13) gets to borrow her mom’s pieces (including this Roberto Cavalli) for backyard photoshoots whenever she pleases.

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The Real Housewives of New York star incited a social media firestorm when she posted this shot of herself in her 4-year-old daughter’s Hello Kitty PJs. “When ur 4 year old peanut says mommy please put my dress on & giggles uncontrollably, u do what ur told,” Frankel responded on Twitter.

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Another star mom squeezing into her kid’s clothes: Nicole, who repurposed her six-year-old daughter’s coat to serve as a cropped jacket for an event. “Thanks for letting me borrow your jacket Harlow” she wrote on Instagram.

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Kate is already the queen when it comes to style remixing, and that includes sharing items with mom Carole (and sister Pippa!) – like this Reiss dress she wore to give her first royal solo speech in 2012.

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If Sarah Palin’s appearance on SNL 40 gave you déja vu, it’s not because Tina Fey was there too. It’s because she repurposed this sequin white mini dress her 24-year-old daughter wore in 2011.

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“A daughter’s never too old to clandestinely raid her mother’s closet! Shhh…!”a pre-White House Ivanka wrote on a snapshot of herself sporting mom Ivana’s vintage (and very glittery) Bob Mackie from 1991.

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