Cancer horoscope: What your star sign has in store for October 24 – 30


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

You have the hottest imagination in the zodiac this week, and all your ideas sizzle – especially if you’re competing in a creative race. 

You can surprise yourself in love terms too, with an ability to shrug off previous
issues and lead the way in moving on.

If you’re single, a work name, that appears in a fun context, can be such a special catch. 

Lucky numbers end in “4”.

DESTINY DAYS  Presentations, or maybe proposals, go extra well on
Tuesday. But Friday, you may be too blunt, so tread warily at work. Get set for a weekend of sexy “R” revelations.

LUCKY LINKS  Brass buttons on a navy blue background.The scent of fresh linen. A house surrounded by a white wall.

RUNE REVELATIONS  Get ready to get fired up, as your rune KENNAZ stokes
your personal heat. First, in fitness terms – you can discover a unique talent for a specialised sport or activity. 

And as you pursue this path, body and mind can both grow stronger, and clearer.  At work, too, you have extra fire, and joining forces with someone extremely creative, but also competitive, is a move-in-a-million. 

In couple terms, keep on talking, no matter what. Single? Look closer at a hands-on instructor.

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