CELINE Haute Parfumerie's Coffret Miniature Set Explores Hedi Slimane's Olfactory Journal

CELINE‘s luxurious in-house haute parfumerie has debuted the Coffret Miniature set, delivering nine 10ml bottles of different fragrances in a collector’s piece-like box.

Said to be “designed like an invitation to the haute parfumerie collection,” the selection comprises identical reproductions of 100ml and 200ml bottles inspired by the late 17th-century classicism and the Art Deco periods, which gives the set a very luxurious and regal feeling.

It does so by embossing the labels with 17th-century moldings and by adding black faceted caps to the tops of sharp-fluted glass bottles that allow the amber and gold tones of each fragrance to shine and dazzle when the box is opened. Inside you’ll find nine fragrances developed by Hedi Slimane that reference his olfactory journal, based on memories and stories that are sentimental to him.

It’s a vast storybook of scents. “Parade”, “Saint-Germain-des-Prés,” “Cologne Française,” “Dans Paris,” “La Peau Nue,” “Eau de Californie,” “Reptile,” “Black Tie” and “Nightclubbin’” are completely unique to themselves, each telling a different tale or journey through scent. Rounding out the luxurious air is the box itself, which is made using Grain de Poudr paper and a knotted black grosgrain bow.

Take a look at the CELINE Haute Parfumerie Coffret Miniature Set above. It is available exclusively at the label’s Harbour City and Landmark stores in Hong Kong, and is priced at $2,750 HKD (approx. $355 USD).

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