Cleaning-mad mums are scrambling to get their hands on these limited-edition Zoflora pyjamas

YOU'RE a true obsessive if even your pyjamas are embellished with your favourite brand name.

And these cleaning-loving mums are scrambling to get their hand on this fun Zoflora set.

  • Ladies Cleaning Pattern PJ'S, £19.95 from Want That Trend – buy here

The popular scented disinfectant is a favourite in many households, probably thanks to Mrs Hinch and her product recommendation.

But for those who've collected every scent in the ever groning range, you can now sleep easy knowing you've claimed the "biggest Zofolra fan" title.

The super cute set is available from Want That Trend for £19.95 and features a blush pink t-shirt with a 'Zoflora addict' logo, as well as long pants covered in cute illustrations.

The online store shared the pjs on their Facebook page, and, understandably, people are going bonkers.

Tagging a friend, one person joked: "These are for you – new uniform ."

And another admitted: "love of bit of zoflora."

Another woman shared the cheap buy in a private Facebook group, and wrote: "I need. These."

Since we aren't leaving the house anytime soon, we can definitely see ourselves sporting a pair.

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