Clever clubber makes jacket into a BAG so you don’t have to choose between being cold or carrying it around all night

A CLEVER clubber has shocked the internet with her Jurse creation, which turns your bag into a jacket.

Brandi Long, a mum-of-three has shared her design on the TikTok account, b.longfashion, where it has gone viral with over one million views and we can see why.

For years, women have been struggling with the issue of bringing a jacket on a night out.

Yes, you need it for the walk there and home, but once you get inside the venue it is usually way too hot to wear it, and cloakrooms can be expensive.

That's where Brandi's Jurse design comes in.

Brandi, who is believed to be from the US, is a chemist by day and a fashion designer in her spare time.

Brandi designed a jacket that turns into a bag to solve the very real problem many 21st century women face.

Brandi said she came up with her invention after a cold December night back in 2017, an experience most of us can relate to.

She writes on her website: "After a long week as a Research and Development Chemist and ripping and running her three kids to various extracurricular activities I just wanted to feel cute and needed a night out.

"So, after an hour of make-up and getting all dressed up, I was ready for the night!"

Knowing she had quite a way to walk to her destination, Brandi grabbed her jacket and was ready to conquer the cold winter air.

But at the bar, it was packed full, with minimal seating available and Brandi was hot.

She took her jacket off but had nowhere to put it as she tried to dance the night away, that's when the frustration kicked in.

Her next thought was: "I need a jacket that turns into a purse at the times I don't need it."

And ever since, Brandi has been dedicated to creating the perfect solution, the Jurse.

Brandi spent three years working on the product before it was released to the public last year.

Brandi recently uploaded a TikTok video demonstrating how the Jurse works, and users of the app instantly thought it was a brilliant idea.

One wrote: "This is the best invention ever, I'm definitely telling the women in my family about this."

"I'm going to be honest, I was like hmm I don't know at first." Wrote another user who then added: "Then I was BLOWN AWAY. Very impressive."

A third person exclaimed: "GIRL this is a gamechanger!"

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