Daughter makes ‘money cake’ for her fussy mum but gets absolutely slated for being ‘dirty’

BUYING gifts can be stressful – especially if the person you're getting them for is fussy and doesn't want or like anything.

In this scenario, sometimes you're left with no option other than baking a cake – which is what this daughter did.

''It was my mum's birthday the other week and she's a very fussy person when it comes to gifts.

''She doesn't like anything! '' she emphasised.

The self-taught baker knew just what to do – make her beloved mum a money cake.


For the luxurious – and definitely quite pricey – gift, she wrapped quite a few banknotes into plastic and attached these one to another.

Next, the TikTok baking star used a straw which hold the roll together and placed into a little cut-out.

Once all covered with luscious, mouth-watering glaze, the cake looked stunning.

Although this was definitely a creative way to surprise someone, people didn't seem too impressed, with many pointing out how expensive it is.

''That's so much money!'' one wrote.

''Yeah cuz I just have 300 pound lying around.''

Another potential baker said she'd have to borrow money from her mum to do this.

Someone else asked: ''Why are you making a tutorial like we are going to do it we are poor.''

Others were more concerned of the hygiene and health aspect, as one viewer said: ''But how many people have touched that money before and where has it been?''

''Please tell me you cleaned the money first!'' another worried TikToker wondered.

''Money is full of bacteria,'' read another comment.

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