DIY fanatic shares the easy way she paints high ceiling corners WITHOUT having to balance on a ladder

HAVE you ever put off painting hard to reach places in your home just to avoid standing on an unstable ladder?

If you answered yes, you're not alone, but a clever DIY fan has found a solution to this common dilemma and it seems to work like a charm.

What might that be, I hear you ask. All you need some tape and a long object – think broom stick or mop handle.

The clever hack involves taping the paint brush strategically to the pole of choice and use it to target tricky corners and high edges.

While the idea might seem super simple, it seems to be blowing people's minds – with many vowing to try it themselves.

The woman who shared the hack did so in the DIY On A Budget Facebook group, and wrote: "No way was I getting up that ladder on the stairs lol."

Not only did she share a snap of the homemade painting tool, but also a video of it in action – and boy, is it satisfying.

Her post has since racked up over 7k "likes" and a couple thousand comments from people who are seriously impressed by the ingenious hack.


And another said: "Am howling that is awsome (sic)"

While another shared: "You have now given me a great idea!! Lol"

Surprisingly, many even said they've done the same – and were thrilled by how effortless it was.

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