Emma Chamberlain and Bryce Anderson Star in PacSun's Gender-Free Clothing Campaign

Emma Chamberlain and Bryce Anderson Star in PacSun’s Gender-Free Clothing Campaign

PacSun unveiled its summer 2021 campaign, which focuses on gender-free fashion. The retailer dropped an all-new line of colorful, genderless styles, which are all available now. The campaign features Emma Chamberlain (who has starred in previous shoots for the brand) along with fresh faces Bryce Anderson, Nara Aziza, Herzen Clerge, Charlotte D’Alessio, Sydney Graham, and Mathieu Simoneau.

“We curated and styled our own looks for the PacSun shoot, and I found myself really gravitating to the gender free selection,” Emma said in a press release. “I’ve been feeling the same way at home, building looks from unisex pieces that I can change up with accessories based on how I am feeling.”

“I took part in this campaign not because it was based around the idea of gender-free clothing, but for the reason that I used to go into PacSun as a kid for school clothes and was always a bit timid of what I really wanted to wear,” Bryce said. “Participating was a message to my past self and kids today that brands are evolving just as you do during your youth — and with space to evolve in your identity such as clothes, it’s a healthier growth.”

Keep reading to see the summer-ready campaign and shop some of our favorite selections.

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