Expert reveals how often you should REALLY wash your clothes – and you’re set to be surprised

WE’RE all guilty of getting a few wears out of a jumper or a pair of jeans before we bung it in the wash.

But just how often should you really be doing your laundry?

Experts in all things laundry, the Clothes Doctor has revealed exactly how often you should be washing your clothes.

Taking to Instagram they shared their advice – and it is certainly not a one size fits all approach to every item of clothing.

Captioning the post the Clothes Doctor wrote: “What if we told you that many fabrics really don't need frequent washing, and some are actually better off washed as infrequently as possible?

“So where's the balance between keeping things clean, but not needlessly wearing out your clothes, releasing tons of microfibres and using unnecessary energy and water?

A post shared by Clothes Doctor (

“Read on in our journal to find out how often you should really be washing your clothes!”

According to the Clothes Doctor you can leave your jeans for as long as a month before they go on a spin cycle.

Meanwhile any silk, cotton, linen or synthetic material can be bunged in the wash every three to four wears, though cottons should be washed at 30 degrees.

Wool and cashmere should be kept for over a month before they meet any detergent and leather or suede should be cleaned once a year, max.

Basically you have just halved your washing load – you’re welcome.

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