Extreme Cheapskate washes clothes in the shower while wearing them & flushes the loo once a week & he's looking for love

A MAN has been labelled the “world’s cheapest date”, after revealing he washes his clothes in the shower while wearing them and flushes the loo once a week. 

Greg Insco, 29, from Ohio, appeared on reality show Extreme Cheapskates on a quest to find love – and shocked a woman he took on a budget date by wanting to share a kids meal.

Zumba dancer teacher Greg said on the show: “There is no point paying for anything that you should get for free in life."

He revealed how he never spends money on condiments and just takes free sachets from restaurants whenever he visits. 

He doesn’t own any plates, and eats off animal-themed paper plates he took from his nephew’s birthday party. 

And forget drinking out of cups, as his cupboards are full of old yogurt pots labelled up for each person in the house.

Greg added: “When we have guests I actually give them the big cup so they feel special. 

“I don’t put them in the dishwasher as the dishwasher wastes way too much money on electric and water so I just hand wash them in the sink.”

He also thinks having a light in the fridge is a waste, so removes it to save an estimated $15 (£11) a month. 

And perhaps the most peculiar habit he has is showering with his clothes on in order to wash them without a machine, and he only lets his housemates flush the loo once a week. 

Greg proudly added: “When I take a shower I keep a bucket in there and it catches all the excess water from me. 

“At the end of the week when I’m ready to flush the toilet, I take that water and pour it directly into the toilet and that's what causes the toilet to flush. 

“That way I’m not wasting any water.”

Greg also managed to avoid spending money on rent, as the house he lives in belonged to a grandad of one of his Zumba students. 

When the old man passed away, Greg was invited to stay there for free, but still charges his two pals rent to live with him.

When it comes to dating, Greg only uses free sites to avoid spending money in bars, and immediately skips women who like fancy meals, shopping or travelling. 

After rejecting numerous women, the 2017 show captures him eventually selecting a woman called Brandy who likes long walks as “walks are free.”

Ever the romantic, Greg arranged to meet up with her and said: “I hope she is a cheapskate too”. 

He said: “I’m taking Brandy to a BBQ restaurant as it’s much cheaper than a sushi place but I’m hoping that she ate earlier so she is not as hungry.”

Brandy said: “Typically I wouldn’t be asked to go on my first date to a BBQ place only because it is messy and more casual.”

To keep costs down, Greg pitched to a “starving” Brandy that they share ameal on the kids menu and get a single rib.

Brandy commented: “I’ve learned that Greg doesn’t like to spend much money, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just different.

“Most guys when they go on dates really want to impress or show off. It was different to see him really not care, it was a little weird.”

Brandy was unsurprisingly not impressed when Greg told her how he only flushes his loo once a week, and labelled it “disgusting.”

Casanova Greg replied: “If you come over I’ll let you flush. Once.”

It seems his frugal ways were too much for Brandy, however, who said: “If that’s how he wants to live his life, that is good for him.

There is no point paying for anything that you should get for free in life.

“It’s just too extreme for me, I’d never do it.”

Their BBQ date ended with Greg taking home the plastic plates from their meal and some tubs of sauce to avoid “waste.”

Miraculously, Brandy said she would see him again, so let’s hope he flushed before her arrival if she went round to his house.

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