Gym bunny tried workout tights from SHEIN & they ripped in the worst place but trolls say she made a mistake | The Sun

RIPPING your trousers in public is one of the most mortifying experiences – and that’s just what happened to one unfortunate gym bunny. 

A TikTok user named Nordis Sandberg found herself exposed at her local gym after her SHEIN tights ripped during her workout. 

The fitness coach was mortified by the experience, which happened while she challenged herself to lift heavy weights. 

Keen to stop other girls from falling into the SHEIN trap, she took to TikTok to share her tale. 

She captioned the clip: “Stop buying SHEIN,” using the hashtags GymTok, GymLife and GymGirl. 

Over 1.3million people have viewed Nordis’ video so far. 

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She’s seen facing away from the camera at her gym, wearing her new hot pink SHEIN leggings, a black t-shirt, a weight-lifting belt and knee pads. 

Nordis lifts a bar over her head and onto her shoulders to begin a set of weighted squats. 

The strong woman has three huge weights on either side of the bar as she begins easing herself into a squat position. 

She glances at the mirror in front of her to check her form, but then the unthinkable happens. 

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As her bottom extends outwards, her leggings burst open at the crotch seam. 

Stunned, an open-mouthed Nordis quickly and safely replaces the heavy bar on its stand and turns her bottom to the mirror to survey the damage. 

The text reads: “Yet another reason why we need to stop buying cheap tights from SHEIN.” 

According to Nordis, the tights ripped so badly there were 10 holes all the way up the seam.

Hundreds of followers have commented on Nordis’ video, and her message has divided opinion. 

Trolls have commented in their droves, claiming it’s not SHEIN that’s the problem, it’s Nordis. 

One rude user replied: “Never happened to me because I order the right size.”

A second agreed: “Just stop shoving it up your bum and then you’re good to go.”

And a third remarked: “Or you can buy the right size?”

Some fellow gym goers confess it’s not just SHEIN doing us dirty, but they’ve had GymShark leggings rip too. 

“This happens with GymShark all the time and those aren’t cheap,” moaned one user. 

“That was me a few days ago man,” laughed another. 

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Thankfully, the ordeal hasn’t held Nordis back and she continues to post her weight lifting achievements online. 

She’s even shown fans how to turn workout leggings into shorts in a few simple steps.

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