Horrified daughter runs over her dad’s foot in the driveway… and it’s all caught on their Ring doorbell

A HORRIFIED daughter has shown the excruciating moment she ran over her dad’s foot in the driveway, as the whole saga was caught on her doorbell camera.

TikTok user Niamh Taylor, who posts under @niamhtaylor32, uploaded a video of the tense scene as she pulled up in the car outside her home.

In the footage, her dad goes outside to greet her once her car had come to a stop in the drive.

However, Niamh’s car then started to roll, and painfully rolled over her dad’s foot.

In the clip, the poor man winches with the agonising pain and tries to get her to move the car away – but remarkably manages to avoid yelling out loud.

Niamh added the text: “When the Ring doorbell catches you running over your dad’s foot.”

Niamh wrote in the caption: “Who let me have a licence. sorry dad x #fyp #baddriver.”

Her clip has racked up over 1.3million views, and many people said how painful the moment looked.

One wrote: “My man screamed in lower case.”

Another added: “You know it hurts when you can’t even shout out.”

A third commented: “The way he froze. I am SCREAMING.”

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