How to clean makeup sponges – the 4 money saving hacks

Mrs Hinch reveals her hack for cleaning makeup brushes

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Makeup sponges are a cheap tool used to apply base makeup, but they’re not so inexpensive when you’re replacing them all the time. Instead of buying new sponges every few weeks, you can give them a thorough wash. chatted to cleaning expert Lynsey Queen of Clean (@lynsey_queenofclean on Instagram) to find out how to clean makeup sponges.

Makeup sponges are a surefire way to achieve flawless foundation in very little time.

The Beauty Blender site says the official Beauty Blender sponges can last between three and six months, depending on how often you use them.

However, if your sponge starts to smell you need to throw it away and buy a new one.

Machine wash

You probably didn’t realise that you can wash your beauty sponges in the same way as your clothes and dishes.

Lynsey said: “You can actually put beauty sponges in the washing machine or dishwasher to clean them.”

To avoid snagging and tearing, stick your sponges in a wash bag or pillowcase before you put them in the machine.

It’s probably best to do this in an empty washing machine or dishwasher to avoid contaminating your other items.

Hand wash

Don’t fancy using the washing machine or dishwasher? A hand wash is good enough.

Lynsey said: “You can also wash your sponges in a plastic tub with water, shampoo and bicarb.

“Just make sure the lid is firmly on and really shake the tub.

“Leave the sponges in the solution for a few hours to work its magic and thoroughly rinse with water.”

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Micellar water

If you use micellar water to cleanse away your makeup, you can get some extra use out of it with this simple hack.

Using micellar water to clean your sponges is good enough as it will remove traces of makeup, dirt, sweat or oil, but you’ll still need to replace your sponges every month or so.

Rinse the sponge under a tap until it’s totally wet and squeeze out as much product as you can.

Then, soak the sponge in micellar water for a few hours and then rinse away the product under a tap, squeezing as you go.


There are plenty of products on the market specifically for this purpose, such as Beauty Hygiene Plus’s Makeup Sponge and Brush Wash, the official BeautyBlender Liquid BlenderCleanser.

You can also buy regular baby shampoo to do the job.

Alternatively, buy a silicone sponge to make for easier cleaning.

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