I bought one of EVERY Christmas item in Poundland, I spent £500 & the receipt was the longest they'd ever seen

A POUNDLAND super fan has revealed how she spent almost £500 in the store buying every single Christmas item on offer.

Liyana, who often shares videos of her huge shopping hauls on her YouTube channel Liyana Lifestyle, recently shared footage of her enormous shopping spree.

Joined by her partner, Liyana headed to her local Poundland where she did not hold back, bagging every single item in the Christmas section.

Her grand total was £491.60, though she brought home slightly less than that in the number of items as some, such a wreath at £5 and a festive lights at £15, were a tad more than a quid.

Speaking as she entered the shop, Liyana says: “We are going to do a supermarket sweep, Poundland version. We’re getting one of every single Christmas item.”

Among her purchases were festive DIY craft sets, plenty of ribbons and gift wrap as well as several gonks.

With an hour left to shop they move on to pricier pieces such as £5 bumper boxes of baubles and a giant elf ornament.

“It’s going to creep up so easily, even some of the lights that we got were £15,” says Liyana.

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As they come to the end of their shop, the couple approach the tills where they tackle the daunting task of ringing everything in.

Liyana says: “So we’ve got ten trollies and it’s now 6:30, this is the part that is actually most stressful, ringing everything through then packing especially when you have a time limit – we’ve got half an hour to do everything.”

The final total rings in at £491.60 with the receipt almost a metre long and the staff forced to help the couple to their car with their haul.

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