I deal with anxiety by having lots of sex – getting on top is my mental health pill, says Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

AS more people than ever struggle with their mental health, reality star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has a novel way of coping – she gets busy between the sheets.

And the former Big Brother star recommends the rest of us follow her lead.

Revealing her secret to staying stress-free, the 42-year-old says: “Sex, honey.

"A load of sex — get on top. It can make all the difference and it will alter your whole mindset.

“With depression, you can wake up and just feel really overwhelmed with what is going on in the world.

“There are certain things, like lockdowns, that I get more concerned over than my friends, but I know that’s part of the way my brain chemistry is set up.

“I am obsessed with fitness and keeping in shape. It is my mental health pill.”

But Aisleyne — who has had the biggest breast implants allowed in Britain — is not getting any nookie at the moment, thanks in part to having to wait until she recovers from her recent £10,000 butt lift.

But she confesses she is enjoying online sex sessions with a mystery man.

She says: “There is somebody, but he is in Northern Ireland at the moment.

“We met last year. Lockdown is keeping us apart.

"It has actually worked out all right, as we can’t indulge in any sexual activity at the moment because of my recent surgery.

“We are having cybersex. We weren’t during the first stages of my healing, but we are certainly getting jiggy with it now.

“I am looking forward to restrictions being lifted and seeing him — then seeing where it takes us.”

Aisleyne, who found fame on Big Brother in 2006, the same year as the late Nikki Grahame, has spent years striving for the “perfect” figure — spending £100,000 on surgery.

She says: “If I can pay a price for it, I will fix it. I have spent a good fortune.

“I’d never say never to having more surgery.

“Let’s see where five years takes us and see if gravity has done anything to my face.

I love Jessica Rabbit — I think she is amazing and that’s the look I wanted.

“I love the process of going under. I am a bit of a weirdo.

“It is like a really decent sleep, and then you wake up with new assets. It is a win-win for me.”

Aisleyne, who compares herself to the buxom and shapely cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, flew to see Dr Aslani, at the Cirumed Clinic, Majorca in December for a super-charged Brazilian butt lift — a combination of fat transfer and implants in her buttocks.

While she was there, the UK went into lockdown, but she was able to return home as it is possible to fly abroad for surgery, even if it’s cosmetic.

She now says: “My bum is absolutely fabulous, I effing love it. I am so glad I did it.

"I love Jessica Rabbit — I think she is amazing and that’s the look I wanted.

“But I’m not going to lie, I sort of ridiculed bum implants at first.

“I thought a lot of them looked like wet nappies — like when a baby or toddler has a full nappy and it then sags down.

“But let’s be honest, the Kardashians have probably all had it and I thought if they can achieve the ‘right’ look, then so can I, and I did my research.”

Aisleyne, who lives in North London, spent ten months ­deliberately gaining weight to ensure she had enough fat to spare to inject into her bottom.

She is now a size 12 around her hips and a size 8 on her waist.

She says: “I had a good bum before, but even though I trained an awful lot, I could never achieve bigger hips.

“The surgery helped me get that hourglass figure.

“Even when I was a little girl, I’d draw fashion models and they would always have tiny waists and big hips.

“It has always been a fantasy look for me, and now I have got it, and I am buzzing.”

As well as her boosted bottom, Aisleyne is particularly proud of her large breast implants, which are the biggest allowed under UK surgery rules.

She says: “I have had three boob jobs — the first was when I was 25. And now I am the biggest that you can be in the UK, which is 900CC.

“I’m 5ft 9in, so I am very tall, and in heels, it is all in proportion.

“I have also had lipo on my chin, and now I have had lipo because of the bum implants.

“They had to take out fat from the rest of my body and put it in my bum, along with the implants. I’ve also had Botox and lip fillers.”

Aisleyne cashes in on her new body, by posting saucy videos and snaps to paying subscribers on X-rated site OnlyFans.

She says: “I’d like to be seen as an intelligent, empowering female, who owns her sexuality.

“I have always been a glamour model, I have always embraced the sexy side of me and being a woman, and there is nothing wrong with that.

"That is the ultimate feminism, if you ask me.

“I enjoy taking pictures of myself and if you can Google my boobs for free, why the hell am I not going to monetise that myself?

“OnlyFans is just another form of revenue for me, and I enjoy it.”

I enjoy taking pictures of myself and if you can Google my boobs for free, why the hell am I not going to monetise that myself?

Despite trolls regularly targeting her online over her age, Aisleyne feels comfortable in her own skin after turning 40 two years ago.

She says: “I get comments like ‘Leave it to younger girls’.

“But my subscribers beg to differ. When I was in my twenties, I thought I’d be finished by the time I was 40.

“But as I got older, I began to know myself fully and embraced everything about me.

“I became even more sexy because of that — so age is nothing but a number to me.

“I hear a lot that I don’t look my age, but with all the surgery people are having these days, what does 42 years old actually look like?”

Motherhood? It’d be a sin not to reproduce my genes, darling.

Following high-profile romances with the likes of boxing champion Mike Tyson, 54, and comedian Jack Whitehall, 32, Aisleyne is now keen to settle down.

She says: “I have high hopes — I want to start a family soon, if I am able to.

“It would be a sin not to reproduce my genes, darling! So we will see — if it is meant to be, it ­will be.”

Lockdown has not been easy for Aisleyne, who lost close pal Nikki this month.

Nikki — famed for her catchphrase “Who is she?” — passed away at the age of 38 after a lifelong battle with anorexia.

Aisleyne paid tribute to her friend on Instagram: “I will forever protect you, forever love you, forever miss you . . .  rest my angel . . .  no more pain.”

Life is short and Aisleyne is now focusing on enjoying herself — leaving no room for regrets.

She says: “I am living my best life. I have always said when I get to 70, will I look back and think ‘Oh, I should have done this or that?’ No, because I am doing it all and I am living it.”

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