I found out my man was cheating when he bought women’s clothes & I never got them – you’ll never guess who they were for

A WOMAN has revealed that she discovered that her bloke was cheating, after he bought women’s clothes and then never gave them to her.

However, when the clothes never materialised at her home, she became suspicious and decided to contact the brand directly.

Sharing the Reddit story on the Molly Lux TikTok account, the owner wrote: “Girl found out her boyfriend was buying clothes for another girl story time.”

She went on to explain how, in the Reddit post, the woman had got in touch to ask the store owner a question.

In her email, the woman said: “A few months ago I accidentally saw an email notification from your store on my boyfriend’s email. 

“He never gave me any clothes. He’s acting weird so I was wondering if you could tell me where the clothes got sent to. Sorry to bother you.”

The store owner explains that while she couldn’t check the address for privacy reasons, she could find out the recipient's first name.

The owner informed the woman that the package had gone to someone named Valery who turned out to be her best friend.

Viewers were left horrified by the video which has received almost four million views, with many sharing their outrage in the comments.

One wrote: “That’s so messed up.”

“It just kept getting worse,” agreed another, while a third said, “OHHH NOT HER BEST FRIEND.”

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