I had the perfect name picked out for my son but when people heard it all they all said it was ridiculous | The Sun

OICKING the right name for you baby isn't always an easy decision, but it's definitely an importnat one.

The chances are your little one will have that name for the rest of the life, so you don't want to go with something they'll end up resenting you for.

That's exactly what this mum thought when she shared the name she had picked out for her tot on Mumsnet.

She revealed that she wanted to name her baby boy Perspicacious, but not everyone was a fan.

She explained: "I know the practice of giving babies grace names has fallen out favour, but I've always loved it.

"Bearing that in mind, I'd love to hear your opinions of Perspicacious for a boy.

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"It means 'having a ready insight into and understanding of things' which are qualities I'd like my child to have."

Despite her love for the name, she asked other parents for some feedback on her unusual choice.

Another mum jabbed: "Why don't you change your own name to something like this and give your poor child a completely normal name?

Another said: "I think your son will wish his parents had had an insight and understanding into life at secondary school when they named him."

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One parent quipped: "It's a great word. It would be a f*****g awful name."

"Nobody would no how to say or spell it. It’s also just plain ridiculous," one mum wrote.

However not everyone hated the unique choice, "I think it's a lovely name and will suit any young man as they get older," one said.

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