I have naturally big boobs – people always tell me to ‘cover up’ or ask if they’re ‘even real’ | The Sun

A BIG-BREASTED woman wants men to stop getting hot under the collar whenever they see her natural assets.

TikToker Katy Potts (@katy.potts) uses her latest post to describe the never-ending stream of tried and tested one-liners she has to endure.

She has had enough of smiling politely while her boobs are subject to comments from strangers.

This English content producer is not prepared to take it anymore.

Posing in a revealing black one-piece swimming costume, she opens her video with a caption: “You have naturally big boobs. Truth. Busty girl problems.”

She goes on to list the dated comments she has heard a thousand times from random men.

“You should donate some to me,” is one.

Others were intrusive: “Are they even real lol.”

And even more were rude: “Nice t*ts love.”

Katy finds it hard to see the funny side: “People pay fortunes for those,” is another routine observation.

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Then there are the points, kindly to start with, but coming with a killer blow: “Your back must get sore. You should probably cover up though.”

Her post has proved a bit of a talking point with over 31,000 likes, 503 shares, and another 275 comments.

Many comments were both empathetic and sympathetic.

However, there were some who tried to justify staring at big-chested women.

Typical of this was this viewer: “Women don’t realize it’s part of male DNA and instincts. Goes back to the caveman days and picking a mate.”

Similarly: “Men are biologically programmed to look.”

But many more shared Katy’s weariness: "This is literally my body shape and I feel your pain,” said one fan.

Another said: “Yep, I have had the same problem since high school and I’m now 37, still a topic of conversation.”

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“Can’t understand why others feel they’re entitled to comment on another person’s body,” reasoned another follower.

Finally, one comment said to keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the body shamers: “It doesn’t matter what anyone wears. It doesn’t give anyone the right to make gross or any comments about a woman like that. F*ck them all girlie.”

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