I may only be a 5 on a Florida beach but I think I’m a 10 at a NASCAR race | The Sun

ONE woman has joked that she may not be considered a catch on the beach in Florida, but there's a place where she's a perfect 10.

In a TikTok video, Caitlyn quipped that she goes from a 5 to 10 when she's sitting roadside at a NASCAR race.

Taking to social media, she showed what she looks like at one of the events.

In the beginning of the clip, she shared a snap of herself in aa red and white costume that featured a tutu, red fishnets, and white boots.

Her hair was in two buns and red ribbons fell from them, creating a cute clown effect.

"I may be a 5 on South Beach in Miami… but…" she wrote in her recording.

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She then cut to a clip of her in casual wear, with a baseball cap and sunglasses completing her look.

"But I'm a 10 at a NASCAR race," she said.

Some people in the comments section of the video insisted that Caitlyn was gorgeous no matter what she wore or where she went.

"You are 10 all the time but you're even more beautiful if [you] like Nascar," one person said.

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"You’re a 10 everywhere you go Caitlyn," a second added.

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