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A MUM-OF-TWO has revealed how she saved an impressive £16,000 by sticking to a few savvy budgeting tips.

Olivia White, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, has revealed the surprisingly easy secrets behind her money saving success.

The penny-pinching mum and her husband famously saved a colossal £16,000 in just one year says she followed a number of money saving hacks in order to save for home renovations and holidays.

Writing on her blog, House of White, Olivia explained her first step is to write down her goals and make them known to other people.

The smart mum said: "I know some people don’t like to talk about money, but finding someone you trust and can help you remain accountable can be really helpful when you are falling off the wagon."

Olivia reckons this tip is applicable to any saving goal – from saving for a holiday to putting money aside for your dream home.

What's more, she goes as far as making a mood board to remind herself what she's saving up for.

Many of us would love an extra stream of income but between the 9-5, family responsibilities and our busy social lives, it's hard to find the time for a second job.

Olivia, who has a following of 150,000 on Instagram, recommends finding small ways to pick up extra work online, by blogging, filling out surveys and selling your unworn clothes online.

Writing on her blog, she said: "Be it selling your second hand items, a side hustle, or just odd jobs here and there. Finding ways to make money over and above your known income means you have extra cash to add to your savings. Helping you reach your goal a lot sooner!"

What's more, Olivia believes in finding out exactly where your money is going and working out where you can afford to make savings.

In an interview with Daily Mercury, she said: "We downloaded our statements and categorised everything including entertainment, utilities, clothing and groceries, and worked out where we could save money.

"We downloaded our statements and categorised everything including entertainment, utilities, clothing and groceries, and worked out where we could save money.

"Our grocery bill was well in excess of $200 per week. I never really planned it, I just shopped willy-nilly, so I started meal-planning and worked out how to make things go further each week.

"Another thing I've done is switch to shopping online now which really helps to just buy what's on the list because you're not walking down the aisles and seeing everything – this way I only buy what I need and it also shows the per-unit price which means you don't have to work it out in your head."

When it comes to paying bills, Olivia reckons the best way to save is by making the payment weekly.

"I like to think of my savings as a utility I have to pay," she wrote. "Just like electricity or water. It is top of my priority list to pay when our wages come in.

"We have an automatic payment that transfers our set weekly amount to savings. We do this before anything else comes out or gets spent!"

She even goes as far as telling impulsive spenders to ditch the plastic, carrying only cash in a bid to stop them spending.

"Since I was young, I have always kept my savings out of reach so I cannot use it for impulse purchasing," she wrote.

"I did this by not having the account linked to my internet banking and no physical card access.

"While I don’t do this anymore, as I am much more disciplined with my money, if you do struggle to stop yourself accessing this money, then this could be a nice trick for you."

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