I was added to weight loss group by ex-colleague hadn’t seen in years – I'm devastated, how dare she comment on my body

A MUM was left devastated when an ex-colleague she hadn't seen in years added her into a Facebook weight loss group without even speaking to her.

Mum-of-two Lara has recalled how shocked she was to receive a notification revealing that the person she used to work with years ago had added her into the group, despite the pair not having spoken in years.

She revealed to Kidspot that the move made her have a "moment of self-doubt" about her body, especially as she felt her body had changed significantly since welcoming two daughters in quite a quick time frame.

Lara is mum to Eliza, who is 21 months old and Lottie, nine months, who ho she had shortly after welcoming her eldest daughter.

"Straight away I felt upset and hurt," she told the Australia website. "Then I felt anger and defiance."

Lara said: "My body gave me two babies in a year – so how dare this woman decide that I needed to join a weight loss group without even speaking to me."

Lara added that she is "proud" of her C-section scars and her body hasn't "sprung back" since having her second child, but she didn't want to "put myself under pressure" to lose weight.

She insisted that women can often take their bodies for "granted" and decided to hit back after receiving the notification from her former co-worker.

Having her say, she posted a defiant message firing back on Facebook while sharing photos of her body.

Lara wrote: "So, this is what my body looked like this morning when I opened the notification that someone on Facebook added me (without speaking to me) to their weight loss group.

“Just honest photos, with no makeup, no filters, no Photoshop or weird camera angles."

She hit back: "Yes, my body is bigger than it used to be, it also has lots of stretch marks. I've also got a scar to get used to as well. But… I am very happy with my body.”

Hoping that people will think twice before making a similar move, Lara added: "The other person might be recovering from an eating disorder, might have health problems, might be recovering from surgery, might be a new mum… OR they might love their body!

“I really hope that it has made some people think twice about adding people to weight loss groups.”

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