I was skin-shamed for my psoriasis by my manicurist at the nail salon – it was exactly what I was afraid of

A WOMAN has revealed how she was cruelly put-down while having a manicure, due to her severe skin condition.

A TikTok user called Moni, who suffers from psoriasis, shared in a viral video how she was shamed by a manicurist at a nail salon – admitting that she had been "afraid" of such a reaction before she even booked the appointment.

The condition – which affects an estimated two per cent of people in the UK – causes, according to the NHS, red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales.

Moni showed in the post how her hands were experiencing a flare-up, before going on to explain what had happened when she went to get her nails done at an unnamed salon.

The woman said: "When you go to the nail salon and the worker cringes at your skin and keeps saying how lucky she is to have nice skin."

She added: "This is exactly what I was afraid of."

I'm really sorry that happened to you, it's super unprofessional for them to act that way

Her post, which has been viewed more than 1.9 million, has received over 139,000 'likes'.

One person wrote: "I'm really sorry that happened to you, it's super unprofessional for them to act that way."

Another commented: "I haven't done my nails in two years because my hands have been flaring up really bad too and I'm so afraid of this."

A third shared: "When they tell me to moisturise more…what do you think I've been doing."


And a fourth added: "You should complain, it's not her place to judge it's her job to do your nails."

Replying to a comment, Moni revealed that she had suffered from psoriasis with nail dystrophy for 12 years.

Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevigne and LeAnn Rimes have previously opened up about living with the condition, which can affect any part of the body – but commonly target the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back.

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