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A CLEANING expert has revealed how to clean your entire home in an hour – and that includes the inside of your oven too.

Danielle Dixon, known online as @housetohomeatlast, regularly shares cleaning tips with her 320,000 Instagram followers.

She admits that it's a lot of work to clean your entire home in one go – but that it can be done if you're efficient.

Danielle, who lives in north-eastern England with her husband Peter, daughter Evie, and son Isaac, says: “Set yourself a timer and set aside a time during the day when you’re going to clean.

"Don’t think about it until then. Once you start, do not allow any distractions.”

Here Danielle reveals where how she gets it all done in just 60 minutes…


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Before you start…

  • Morning cleaning is best as you have the most energy and motivation. Have a cup of tea before you start so you are not tempted to break off from cleaning to have one.
  • Comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting grubby are essential. Set the “do not disturb” mode on your phone and make a cleaning playlist of tracks that make you feel happy.
  • Start downstairs where you spend most time – and is probably the most messy – then work upwards.
  • Have an empty laundry basket to hand so you can collect clutter as you go, rather than constantly running up and down the stairs.
  • Kids must be occupied if you are to get anything done, so put on a film or get them playing.
  • Set a timer for each room and when the time is up, move on.

Kitchen – clean oven while you sleep (10 minutes)

Give yourself a head start the night before by making a solution of a third of a cup of water, a third of a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda.

Coat the inside of the oven with it (avoiding heating elements) and then all you need to do the next day is wash away with soapy water.

Next, clean and clear away all your dirty plates, cups, pots and pans.

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To save time, chuck your dishcloths into the dishwasher to sanitise them.

Wipe down the surfaces and hob.

Bicarb and lemon is a great solution for getting rid of water marks on taps and stainless steel.

If you haven’t time to mop your kitchen floor, use the vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt.

You can use it to get rid of crumbs inside cupboards too.

Run the vacuum’s brush attachment up and down blinds – it brings the dust off really quickly.

Living room – vacuum cushions (10 minutes)

Tidy up any clutter by sticking it in your washing basket to put away later and putting any dirty cups or plates in the kitchen.

Give the sofa cushions a plump, then shake and fold blankets or throws.

Prioritise dusting coffee tables to get rid of any drip marks from cups.

Banish any pets to another room while you clean and use rubber gloves to wipe their hair from furniture.

Before hoovering shake baking soda on the carpet to remove any trapped odours or dirt.

Open the windows to get some fresh air in, then vacuum.

Don’t forget skirting boards and behind sofas.

I always vacuum last, because you want to get any bits that might have got onto the carpet during dusting.

Bathroom – vinegar on shower glass (15 minutes)

Clean the shower head overnight by filling a sandwich bag with white wine vinegar and leaving it to soak.

When you take it off during your clean the next day, give the head a quick wipe and it should sparkle.

You can also wipe away watermarks and grime around the sink with toothpaste and a wet cloth while you brush your teeth in the morning.

Spray the sink and bath or shower with bathroom cleaner and then leave it to work for a few minutes while you tackle everything else.

Always wear gloves for the toilet.

I start by cleaning the outside of the cistern and finish with the toilet rim so that I am not spreading the germs around, rinsing the sponge often.

Clearwater marks off the shower screen with a solution – 50 per cent water and 50 per cent white wine vinegar. Spray, wipe with a wet sponge, repeat and rinse with warm water.

Clean the bath and shower once the spray has worked its magic.

Then give the floor a quick vacuum if you can change the setting to hard surfaces, and clean with wipes or a cloth.

Finally, replace the towels so everything looks clean and fresh.

Kids' room – make it a game (10 minutes)

Tidy away toys into storage boxes or cupboards makes an instant impact.

If the kids are around, get them involved by motivating them with specific tasks.

You could give them 60 seconds to put their books away, make their bed or match their odd socks.

Get your kids to play on a sheet.

Afterwards, when you want to collect their toys, gather them all in the sheet and put them in a toy box.

If you have toddlers, give their plastic toys a quick wash by putting them all through the dishwasher.

Get kids rubbing away any crayon or dirty marks from walls, with a rubber.
When you make the beds, don’t wimp out of checking underneath!

Main bedroom – tuck duvet into bed frame (10 minutes)

Declutter first by putting any clothes lying around into the laundry basket.

Next, transform the room by making the bed.

Make sure you plump up your pillows and give the duvet a good shake to give it some shape and air it.

Having a throw always makes a bed look tidier.

I like to tuck my bedding into the sides of the bed frame.

It takes seconds but makes a big difference compared with just having the duvet draped over the sides.

If you need to change your sheets, a top tip is to have sets folded inside their matching duvet cover.

It takes up less room in storage and means they are all together when you want to change them, saving time.

Open the windows to get fresh air circulating.

If your windows or mirrors need marks cleaning off, adding a splash of dishwasher detergent to water will do the trick.

If you have time, give the surfaces a wipe.

And don’t forget to vacuum the floor.

Final five minutes

Give the stairs a quick vacuum as they get a lot of wear.

Wipe bannisters, any obvious finger marks from doors or walls and any particularly dirty skirting boards.

These little things can make a big difference to how you feel about your home.

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Lastly, grab your washing basket of clutter and put everything back where it belongs.

Then you’re done – and you’ve earned yourself another cup of tea.

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