I’m a mom & my clever laundry hack means your kids' clothes will never get mixed up again | The Sun

IT'S laundry day and you're stumped.

You threw all your kid's clothes in the washer with no pre-established system, and now you don't know if that Mickey Mouse shirt came paired with the striped shorts.

Luckily, a mom whose been there before has discovered a way to keep track of what pieces were bought as a set.

The nifty woman, Shana Long, revealed her method in a social media video.

She said: "So my mother-in-law bought my daughter all of these clothes. And when I threw them in the wash, I lost track of what shirt matched with what pants.

"So I was today years old when I figured this out."

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Apparently, if you take a look at the tags of a shirt and pants that are meant to go together, you will find matching numbers that signify that the items are a pair.

Parents took to the comments section of Long's video to speak about the finding.

Some people wear aware of the tip, like one who wrote: "Yes!!!! Been doing this for years!"

Another said: "I did that and everyone said it was too much… Then wondered how I had so many nice outfits to pass down years later."

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Others hadn't heard of it, one person writing: "I never knew this, I just always mixed and matched my kids' clothes."

An additional person chimed in: "I wouldn’t even know. I cut all tags."

Many viewers left their own methods for keeping track of what pieces go together.

"Before I wash my baby’s clothes, I put numbers on each outfit so I can just look for the numbers," one wrote.

"I take pictures of the outfit before putting them in the washer. I have a whole photo album of his outfits to know what goes with what afterward," a second added.

"I always just safety pinned the top to the bottom before washing," a third said.

"Lmfao, this happens to me. I just Google the outfit and see it there lmao."

A naturally skilled person said: "I have this weird skill to remember what goes with what. Even hand-me-downs that have been stored for years, I just know. It ONLY works with kids clothes."

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