I'm a mum-of-ten & spent over £1,000 stockpiling groceries – I have 50 boxes of pasta & buckets of oats but I'm not done

A mum-of-ten has revealed how she began stockpiling her pantry – and has spent £1,190 in the process.

Sarah, from the US, first began stockpiling after the pandemic hit as she was concerned she couldn't find food to feed her family and didn't want to be in that position again.

Sarah uploaded a video touring her garage which hosts her stockpiling on her YouTube channel, Our Tribe of Many.

The stay-at-home mum, who also homeschools her children said: "We have three months' worth (of food) right now."

Another concern of the mums was that: "I didn't want to store food that wasn't healthy."

Altogether the mum said she has spent around $1,500 (£1,190) on stockpiling food.

First, she shows her stack of bread, where she has 11 packs of bagels, five packs of hot dog rolls and four packs of burger buns.


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Sarah's garage, which has been overtaken with food, hosts two giant buckets of white rice, as well as two buckets of oats.

And just in case they run out, they have another two boxes of oats.

She added: "A couple of months ago I started trying to store fresh fruit and vegetables."

She added she was new to stockpiling so comes down to her garage once a week to check if they were still good to eat.

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Some of the fresh food she keeps includes onions, lemons, potatoes and apples.

Sarah also has an entire shelving unit full of cupboard essentials from jam to tinned chicken breast.

She revealed she also keeps some easy snacks on hand including cheese crackers and pretzels.

The mum explained: "Everywhere I read said it's good to have some easy snacks for kids if you actually were in an emergency and couldn't get food, you would miss that kind of thing."

As the family eats a lot of pasta for lunch, she has stocked up on 50 packets of different types of pasta.

Her stockpiling also includes hundreds of tins of tinned tomatoes and tuna.

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Although Sarah has a huge variety of foods stocked up – she isn't quite finished with her stockpiling.

She added: "In my freezer, I want to store up frozen vegetables, some frozen fruit, quite a bit of butter, and I also want to store up some shredded cheese."

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