I’m a nail pro and my three tips help your natural nails grow stronger and longer

LONG nails are all the range right now.

But if fake nails aren't your thing you might be wondering how to achieve some killer claws.

If you want long nails naturally, it can be hard to achieve.

Just when you think you're well on the way, one will snap and you have to file the rest down to match.

But this nail whizz shared the three things that everyone should be doing to get longer and stronger nails in no time.

The first thing is to switch to a glass nail file to prevent peeling.

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Glass nail files are not only nicer to look at but are generally a lot softer on your nails.

They're also most cost effective as they last way longer than regular files.

The pros next time is soak your nails in olive oil and lemon juice.

Her hack involves adding fresh lemon juice into some olive oil and soaking your nails for 10 minutes.

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She said: "If your nails are weak or brittle, give this soak a try.

"This mixture will not only moisturize your nails, but it will add strength and flexibility."

Flexibility might not sound like something you want in your nails, but it will prevent them breaking so easily.

Finally, make sure to use cuticle oil daily – yes, daily.

Cuticle oil is not just to give your polish a nice shine, it also can increase the circulation around your nails, which will stimulate growth.

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Daily applications can also help to protect against any potential trauma.

Basically, cuticle oils contain a lot of ingredients that will help toughen up you nails and give them the chance to grow.

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