I'm a professional decorator & you should never do paint samples directly on your walls – here’s what to do instead

WE'VE all been there -you've committed to redecorating your home and somehow ended up with more paint samples than you can count.

So how are you supposed to decide between them all? Well we've always just painted a series of small squares directly on the wall and then picked our favourite.

But once we've used it on the entire wall, it somehow ends up looking totally different to what we envisioned.

Feel our pain? Then colour expert Maria Killam is here to help.

Speaking to Taste of Home, the professional decorator urged people to paint their sample on a white piece of card.

Once you've done this, place the card next to "featured objects" in the room – such as headboards, tables and floorboards.

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By "isolating the paint colour", you'll be to get a clearer idea of how it'll fit in the room overall.

In other words, it'll reduce the risk of you just wanting to start from scratch again in six months time.

However, she recommended still keeping the borders blank as it'll help you gauge the real tone of the colour.

The expert added: "Compare the colour to objects or areas in your room at different times of day to see how the light reflects, too."

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What's more, Zoe Warren – interior design expert at PriceYourJob – said there are certain colours which could actually DEVALUE your home.

''Colours that blend in with the surrounding foliage as it can look unappealing,'' the expert explained.

''They also make it difficult for potential buyers to notice your home.''

Instead of going for trendy mint tones, the expert suggested incorporating deeper greens into the room.

''Plants can accentuate the lighter shades on your walls,'' Zoe added.

If you're thinking of putting your house on the market, dark brown is another no-no.

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The reason dark brown is so unappealing as a wall colour, according to the professional, is that people often associate this colour with “dirt”. 

She continued: ''It can clash with wooden furniture and make a room appear dingy.'

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