I’m a proud catfish – my mates call me ‘Facetune’ because I love editing apps but at least I’m honest about it

THE stunning snaps we see people post on Instagram are often a result of hours of hair and makeup – and you might be surprised to see just how different some people look all striped back.

But many women are now taking to TikTok, proudly sharing their most glamorous selfies and comparing them to their day-to-day looks – with messy hair, no makeup and baggy hoodies.

One young woman and TikTok user posted a video to her account ‘bardiercardii111’.

She uploaded the video with the caption ‘Fun fact my leavers jacket name is “facetuned”’.

Throughout the video we see images of the woman dressed up in glamorous dresses with her makeup done perfectly.

It’s safe to say her eyeliner is on fleek.

But we also see images of her chilling at home in her bed, in a hoodie with a fresh face.

We think she looks great either way, but she has opened up about being a catfish and how she uses makeup and editing apps to alter her appearance.

She said: “Did someone say catfish? Yeah that’s me!

“I look 5”5 but I’m 5”3.

“Take a look at my Insta and you might see.

“A model? A rich kid? But that's not me.

“I just know my angles and how to pose.

“When in reality…it’s all makeup and facetune.

“Just to put it out there I love myself with and without makeup.

“I am very open about my editing and makeup and have no shame.”

The video has quickly racked up a whopping 989.3k views.

It has 129.1k likes, 479 comments and 432 shares.

One person asked: “If it’s not you then why do you post it?” to which she confirmed “It is me. I’m confident with and without my makeup and like to make content about it.”

Many people took to the comments to reassure the women that she is gorgeous with and without the makeup and editing.

One TikTok user said: “You’re not a catfish babe you’re beautiful with and without the makeup.”

Another commented: “Gorgeous all the time.”

A third added: “Beautiful both but thanks for sharing this message.”


But there were also TikTok users that took to the comments to share that social media can be deceiving, that people want to look different without makeup and also those that thought she looked better natural.

One person said: “Don’t trust anything you see on social media.”

Another added: “I mean we don’t spend that much money on makeup and clothes to look the same.”

A third commented: “Better without makeup.”

Meanwhile, I’m so hot people accuse me of being a catfish, life is hard for beautiful people.

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