I’m a server – my viral apron trick is an ‘instant butt lift’, people say they’d ‘fall in love’ if I served them | The Sun

A WAITRESS has shared her apron hack that is making waves online for its ingenuity.

She entertained viewers with the cute fashion trick in a popular TikTok video that has some saying they may fall in love.

TikTok creator Nat enjoys posting social content that pertains to her regular everyday life.

She can be seen on the social platform discussing dating, wellness, and viral trends.

In a quick seven-second video, the content creator shows off an apron trick she acquired that amplifies her bottom.

According to the caption, she calls the fashion hack "the server bbl."


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I’m a server – my apron gives me a ‘free BBL,’ some say I already have the bum

At the start of the video, Nat can be seen standing in the center of the visual at her supposed place of work.

She is wearing a blue polo shirt and black slacks that hugged her lean shape.

Her blonde hair is free-flowing around her face and she completes the look with natural makeup.

The most important feature of her entire ensemble is the black apron wrapped around her waist.

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She shows viewers how she expertly ties the uniform item so it gives her an instant butt lift.

Her look was much appreciated by viewers and they took to the comments to share some of their thoughts.

Numerous people hyped her up and told her that she looked like several celebrities.

"No because this is absolutely a think, I'll even twist it in the back and tie in the front so it stays in place," one viewer commented.

"If you were my waitress I’d fall in love," another added.

"You have the prettiest features," a user complimented.

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