I’m a ‘y’allternative’ goth cowgirl – my controversial outfits have divided the internet | The Sun

A GOTH cowgirl showed followers a recent addition to her wardrobe, but the shocking reveal divided her audience.

Believe it or not, it's not the inches of eyeliner or dramatic hair dye that have commenters in a tizzy.

Instead, a brand-spanking-new pair of boots sparked controversy, and some fans of the "y'allternative" influencer insist she's crossed a line.

TikTok and Twitch star Vitt (@gutknot) is a pioneer in the goth country space.

She's often seen sporting dyed braids under a western hat, or wearing her signature monochrome makeup to a bar with a mechanical bull.

But in a recent video, Vitt had to step up to defend her fashion choices.

She started out in a gothic wardrobe staple: strappy black platform boots that almost reached her knees.

Then, Vitt stepped into something a little more comfortable.

She wore "Croots" or "brocs" – both terms are popular – a hybrid shoe that combines boots and Crocs.

The shoes had a full black Croc clog as the base, which transitioned into an embroidered black western boot at the ankle.

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Though Vitt clearly loved the combination of supportive foam and stylish country detailing, others weren't on board.

In fact, she recorded the video in response to a fan who called the shoes an "abomination."

"Post an apology right now," the follower demanded.

"Y'all just mad I'm stylish," Vitt wrote back in reply.

Viewers were prepared to take action. "I'm filing a complaint," one said.

Others had seen the boots before and dreaded seeing Vitt model them.

"Oh, God, not the Croc Martins," a disgusted viewer quipped.

Some commenters were fully in favor and begged to know where the TikTok star had bought them.

"Where can I get those? They're the best things I've ever seen," one asked.

Supporters insisted the haters were just jealous.

"They're just mad because they can’t pull em off," one claimed.

But trolls were quick to shut down that line of thinking. "Nobody can," quipped a certified hater.

Some were just confused as to why Vitt had to swap out her perfectly-good black boots for such a bizarre creation.

"I’ll be honest, y’all had me in the first half," one commenter wrote.

"The first one is better," someone agreed.

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But most people were just in awe. Though "Croots" aren't for everyone, viewers understood they were witnessing history.

"I thought those crocboy boots were just a satirical rumor," a skeptic admitted. "I cannot believe they actually exist."

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