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ONE frustrating part about wearing a short dress is you constantly fidget with it.

Sitting down is a hassle, yet one etiquette coach proves there's a way to do it without drawing any negative attention.

TikTok user @theimageboss is an etiquette and elegance expert.

Obehi runs a YouTube series called the Ladies School of Elegance.

Each video is designed to help improve manners, poise, refinement, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

In a recent TikTok video, Obehi demonstrates how to sit down in an elegant way when you're wearing a short dress.


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The key is confidence and positioning.

Obehi demonstrates that fidgeting with your dress will draw others' attention to you but not the kind of attention you want.

The beginning of the video includes a presentation of what not to do when sitting down.

First, she shows viewers that you should never try and sit down with your legs open.

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Sitting this way forces you to either expose your undergarments or hold your dress down the whole time to cover them up.

Additionally, Obehi demonstrates that you should never sit down with your legs together and hold a pillow in front of your knees.

This position will constantly cause you to have to move around.

Not to mention you'll have to fix your dress and the pillow.

The best way to sit down with elegance is to sit graciously.

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Obehi exhibits this by sitting in the chair at an angle.

She crosses her legs at the ankles and relaxes her hands.

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