I'm an optician & your glasses choice helps reflect your personality, so what do your go-to frames say about YOU?

PICKING the right pair of specs is tricky business – do you want to look trendy, or studious… the list goes on – but it turns out, your frames can also say a lot about who you are.

Eva Dave, founder of Style Optique, a boutique optician in Market Drayton, has revealed how you can find the perfect eyewear to help you express who you are. 

After all, whether you prefer bright, bold cat-eyes, quirky metal pieces, or understated sophistication, your eyewear can tell a story about you before you even speak.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Eva says: “Firstly, it’s important to understand that style is very personal."

"And when it comes to eyewear, what one person feels ridiculous in, another person will feel empowered and sexy wearing."

“What one person feels intelligent and distinguished in, another will feel drained of all personality wearing."


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Here, the optician outlines six different eyewear styles, and what they may say about you…


Eva says that if you tend to be drawn to glasses that are artistic and different, in unique colours, and asymmetrical shapes, then it's likely you're an artist at heart, a free thinker and emotionally deep.

"Looking the same as everyone else absolutely doesn’t appeal to you," she says.

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"You may change your look from day to day depending on your mood."

"You’re a free spirit whose look is not always loud, but is always different."

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If vibrant, bold and fashion-forward frames in strong angular shapes, and bright block colours are more your style, Eva notes that you're likely a very strong character.

"It shows us that you're a powerful force, a wildflower who can’t be tamed; someone who is unafraid to take the spotlight, and who is confident in their own skin," she explains.

"Pretty lightweight glitzy pieces just won't appeal to you."

"You prefer to be too hot to handle – so you opt for bold, extreme angular designs to make you stand out just like your personality."

According to Eva, it’s always "go big or go home!"


The good old romantic is the most feminine of the style personalities, according to Eva.

"The Romantics are all about soft shapes with glitz, glam, florals and beautiful detailing," she explains.

Vibrant, bold and fashion-forward frames show that you're a powerful force, a wildflower who can’t be tamed; someone who is unafraid to take the spotlight, and who is confident in their own skin

If this sounds like you, then chances are "you're happy in your femininity, and you’re not afraid to let others know of your interest in looking after yourself."

Eva adds: "You love the softer shapes and colours – the pinks, purples and baby blues – and the intricate detailing of some beautiful frames." 

This style is soft and feminine and shows us you want to be approachable, kind, but a little sexy too."

Eva notes that these types of people will be the first to avoid harsh, black angular frames.  


Eva explains that frames with clean lines, classic shapes and neutral colours, suggest you want to be seen as a well-respected member of society and not stand for the wrong reason.

"Intellect, rationality and looking smart and coordinated are important to you," she says.

"Being fashionable and on-trend is low on your list of priorities. Bold colours, and extreme styling just won't appeal to you at all."

She goes on to note that those who are fan of the classic specs like what they like and don't need to see any change – but also want to made sure they don't look old-fashioned.


"Glasses in architectural shapes, strong durable materials and low contrast colours of nature – like tortoiseshell – depict a natural style personality," explains Eva.

"This says that you’ve got a relaxed, casual vibe, and comfort and durability is high on your list of priorities."

She adds that fans of natural styles probably lead an active lifestyle and need eyewear to be robust and to work well with a more sporty/casual vibe – so that you can get on to your day-to-day adventures.

Glasses in architectural shapes, strong durable materials and low contrast colours of nature says you’ve got a relaxed vibe, and comfort and durability is high on your list of priorities

"Rimless and fine metals just won't appeal to you at all, they will feel far too flimsy," she continues.

"You’re more about the practicality, not just when it comes to glasses, but in everyday life!" 


For lovers of the city chic look, Eva says your eyewear is understated and elegant with a "high level of craftsmanship and premium materials."

According to the optician, this indicates that high quality and sense of style is of extreme importance to you.

"You respect yourself and it’s only the best of the best for you," she says.

"Your wardrobe is full of timeless, expensive investment pieces along with the latest accessories."

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Eva adds: "While you’re not adverse to a dash of colour, a twist of individuality and current trends, too extreme is not for you – you might even view it as cheap or tacky. 

You’re a whirlwind of class and keeping updated. But aren’t into fads at all."

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