I’m obsessed with pink – I only wear shades if it, have 100 blush shoes & my whole house is decorated in rose

A TEACHER is so obsessed with the colour pink it’s the only shade she’s worn in more than a decade, and her entire house is decked out in blush and rose tones too. 

Yasmin Charlotte, 32, loved the colour since she was a little girl, but she was able to fully embrace her obsession with pink after moving into her own flat last year. 

Yasmin, from Switzerland, has decked out her pad with pink mirrors, chandeliers and even her loo seat – as well as painting every wall in her favourite hue. 

She said: “Coming home to my pink flat calms me after a stressful day. It’s like a comfort blanket for me.

“When I lived with my partner, only half of the flat was pink. I was a student at the time, and had space at home for making clothes and crafting, which I did in my spare time.

“I decorated my closet and my room pink and bought bits of furniture.

“Then, when I got my own rented flat, I went all out, painted all the walls pink and filled it up with pink things that I’ve been collecting since I was a teenager.”

She added that if she finds anything she likes in a different colour, she simply paints it pink. 

But it is a shock for her guests sometimes, as she joked: “When I invite people over, they can never believe how extremely pink my house is.

“Thankfully, nobody has run away – they’re all really interested in it.”

Yasmin’s entire wardrobe also consists of various shades of pink, and she even has 100 pairs of shoes – from Doc Martens to heels – in her favourite colour.

She revealed: “Before I became a teacher, I did an apprenticeship as a dressmaker so I do make some of my own clothes, but I mostly buy online and in shops.

"I have never had to wear a uniform for work and I would never chose a job where I couldn't wear pink.

“For the last 13 years, I’ve worn nothing but pink. On occasion, I have had to go to a funeral or something like that, but if that happens, I borrow clothes.

“I don’t own anything that is not pink. It’s really strange for me to wear anything else.

“It’s hard to describe why I love pink so much, It’s such a feminine, soft, bright, happy colour.”

Yasmin wore pink when she was a child “like any little girl”, but when she got older she thought the colour was a bit too childish. 

But after turning 16 she started wearing the soft shade again, gradually filling up her wardrobe with pink clothes. 

She said: “When I was a kid, I would dress in pink like any little girl.

“Then when I was 12 my mum bought me a pink cardigan and some trousers.

“I loved them, but I felt embarrassed. I thought pink was for little girls, not nearly teenagers.

“But at 16, I started to wear more and more pink, and grow my collection. I had blue jeans and a black skirt but everything else was pink.”

Aged 19 Yasmin chucked out her blue jeans – her last item of non-pink clothing – and she’s never looked back. 

She noted: “My school friends thought it was a phase that I would grow out of, but when they saw me some years later, they were like, ‘You still wear pink!’

“My family support me and say they love it – although they get annoyed at people who stare at me in the street.

Despite loving the shade for it’s warmth and feelings of happiness, Yasmin revealed her outfits have attracted a lot of attention, and even abuse, over the years. 

She recalled: “There were a lot of people who would laugh at me, and some would say bad words, calling me, ‘pink b***h’.

“At first, I felt very uncomfortable. I didn’t like the attention, but over time it became normal for me and now I don’t even notice if people are looking at me.”

Her students are more understanding, and refer to her as ‘Miss Pink’. 

She added: “I normally teach 11 to 15 year olds and the first time they saw me they said, ‘Why do you dress like Barbie?’ But as they have got to know me, they’ve asked more questions.

“I think it helps them to know they can be who they want to be. They can be this confident if they want to be – they do not have to be ashamed of their dreams or suppress their individuality.”

While her friends and family are supportive, Yasmin said her style has previously affected her dating life – although she plans on wearing a pink dress to walk down the aisle someday. 

“One boy said we would make it official if I would wear something else. 

“I told him, 'Bye!' Now it's no problem – they see my Instagram account and it's not been an issue,” she said.

Her Instagram account, which has hundreds of followers, showcases Yasmin’s incredible wardrobe and home decor, with fans loving her unique style. 

Yasmin urged people to follow their own fashion sense, saying: “I would love it if everybody had the strength to wear individual stuff, if it really makes you happy.

“There are a lot of people who say to me, ‘You are strong because you wear what you want to, that’s so impressive’ and I always say, ‘You can do this too’.

“I would love more people to have the confidence to be individual, even if it’s just getting a different haircut. Just do whatever makes you happy.”

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