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A plus-size fashion influencer has tried on many H&M clothing pieces and was extremely excited about what she got.

Molly Kay Nelson did a plus-size H&M shopping haul in which she tried on Disney collection pieces along with sweatpants and T-shirts.

In her TikTok video, Molly excitedly said: “I went a little crazy on the H&M website. It’s a bunch of Disney stuff, a bunch of loungewear."

She later added: “They do have a lot of cute graphic T-shirts and stuff in their plus-size line, so I was surprised.”

Molly opened up her H&M package and said that one piece influenced her shopping spree, saying: "I saw this sweatshirt and I had to have it."

She grinned as she held up a heather grey sweatshirt with vibrant pink and red Mickey Mouse motifs and varsity-style graphics.

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She tried on the $35 H&M+ Oversized Printed Sweatshirt, saying: “We are starting off so strong. This is so stinking cute.”

“I got it in a 3X and it fits really well. I think I probably could've gone a size down but I love the oversized look,” Molly approved.

Her Disney haul didn’t end there, next pulling out a mismatched sweatshirt and leggings pajama set.

“Oh my gosh, the Christmas bells are ringing because how freaking cute is this?” she asked while wearing the Mickey Mouse and Pluto sweatshirt design.

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The $30 Printed Pajamas weren’t actually in the plus size category, so Molly ordered an XXL.

“It’s the biggest size they have in this set. So if you’re my size, or even a little bit bigger than me, I’m pretty sure you could fit in this,” she said.

For her final Disney piece, Molly declared: “They just keep hitting.”

She tried on another $30 H&M+ Printed Sweatshirt, which had a split print of Mickey and Minnie’s faces with the text: “Team Mickey 1928.”

“This is also in a 3X. For size reference, it fits me a little bit snugger than the other 3X [sweatshirt],” she said.

Molly also tried on basics, including sweatshirts and T-shirts.

“I did get a pair of sweatpants. I know, not very interesting at all, but can’t go wrong with a good pair of sweatpants, she said.

She tried on a black pair of $25 H&M+ Wide-leg Sweatpants, which she said fit exactly how she wanted.

“I want like six more colors. These are so comfortable,” she said, before revealing that she also ordered the same style in a beige color.

Next, Molly said: “So if you’re anything like me, you’re perpetually on the hunt for the perfect oversized white T-shirt.”

Wearing a $10 H&M+ Oversized T-shirt, it was clearly very large on her even when partially tucked into her pants.

“I think I went a little too oversized on this,” she said, adding: “I think I’m gonna keep them and order more because I like the style of these, just in a smaller size.”

She had another issue with a beige oversized graphic T-shirt, which seems to be sold out at the moment.

“Tell me why this one hits at like my knees,” she said, releasing the fabric, which made the shirt fall much longer than Molly expected.

“The sizing at H&M is just weird,” she said.

But in the end, Molly added: “Everything I got was such a win, I loved it,” and wrote in the video caption: “Okay H&M you surprised me.”

People loved all of the pieces Molly tried and were persuaded to buy them too.

“Saw the sweatshirt, immediately paused video to open H&M app. A MUST,” someone wrote, and another said: “THE PJ SET! Adds to cart.”

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Someone told Molly that the long graphic T-shirt was actually a T-shirt dress, to which Molly replied: “Ohhh! I guess I didn't even read that. That checks out for me.”

And when asked what size she ordered the white T-shirt in, Molly responded: “3X- size down bestie babe.”

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