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A WOMAN has revealed that she's forked out a whopping £17,000 on her extensive collection of over 210 bottles of perfume.

In fact, Victoria Levy, who is 25 and from the UK, is so obsessed with smelling good, she even wears perfume to bed.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, she says: "I have around 210 bottles currently."

"My collection could be worth around £15,000 – £17,000."

"I've got a huge range from designer to niche and have some perfumes worth from £190-£370."

She adds: "I probably buy 3-5 new perfumes a month….I’ve had to cut down on the amount."


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Victoria, who has purchased a whopping 61 bottles of perfume just from Perfume Direct alone in the past four years – making her officially their best customer – is such an avid perfume fan, she even wears it to bed.

"I wear perfume to bed because it makes me feel relaxed," she explains.

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"I shower also before bed so being clean and fresh and then spraying on couple sprays of my perfume just makes me feel good, it also helps me sleep better too it’s just something I’ve done for years if I’m honest."

"I never wear a heavier perfume to bed it’s always something fresh and clean, a perfume what smells very soapy or like fresh clean washing."

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Perfume-obsessed Victoria recalls how her love for fragrances started from the tender age of six-years-old, when her mum would let her have a spritz of perfume.

"As I’ve gotten older, I just became more obsessed with fragrances," Victoria admits.

"It’s more than smelling great all the time because each perfume I own now they all mean something to me."

I buy 3-5 new perfumes a month…I’ve had to cut down

"I have perfumes in my collection which I don’t wear but I have them because it reminds me of someone for example I have a perfume that reminds me of my Nan."

I have one which reminds me of when I was younger and it was a perfume my mum wore."

And having such an impressive collection means that Victoria, whose favourite notes include Vanilla, Jasmine, Tonka bean, bergamot and lavender, has developed her very own perfume regime that she follows each day.

"In the morning I shower and do my whole hygiene routine before I spray my perfume," she begins.

"I use a perfume oil and then I layer that with my perfume for the day."

"I spray my perfume on my skin and clothes – layering is good because it will make your fragrance last longer and adds a little something more to your fragrance."

"I have a perfume tray in my room which every month I swap out my perfumes and I always keep a couple of my favourites on the tray too – that’s how I pick each day."

I have around 210 bottles currently. My collection could be worth around £15,000 – £17,000

So, with so many to choose from, does Victoria have a favourite perfume?

"I haven’t always had a favourite perfume but for about two years now I’ve had one, my favourite one is Moschino Fresh Gold Couture," she reveals.

"The reason for it being my favourite one is because it’s such a great everyday perfume."

"I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it. It’s also a beautiful fresh scent."

And according to Victoria, it's essential that everyone has both a daytime and an evening perfume.

"It’s so important to have a day time perfume and an evening perfume," she says.

I wear perfume to bed because it makes me feel relaxed

"I have perfumes what are specifically just for the evening/colder weather because they are deeper, more sensual scents."

"I have perfumes what I only wear in the spring summer time, because everyone needs a lighter fresher scent."

You don’t want to be wearing a heavier fragrance in the summer – it can be too cloying and not smell too pleasant in the heat."

She adds: "It’s great to switch up your perfumes. It can be really boring always wearing the same one daily."

You honestly need at least a couple of options."

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But despite having over 200 different scents to wear and not enough hours in the day to wear them, Victoria isn't worried about the expiry dates.

"At the start I did but I’m always selling/giving away perfumes I don’t use," she says.

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