Kelly Ripa Wears This Stain-Repellent Silk Blouse Nonstop, and Now I Get Why

Here's a fun fact about me — or actually two, both of which are important to this story. This might be TMI, but I sweat a lot. Yes, I found a good natural deodorant that helps me control my perspiration, but my sweaty pits have made it impossible to wear certain things (like gray tops and silk). I'm also a stain magnet. White tops? Forget it. No matter what I do, what I eat, or where I go, there's always some remnant of the day on my shirt when I get home. It's sort of become a running joke among my friends. 

But, I recently discovered a fashion staple that helps with these two pressing concerns, and I must say, it's been a game changer. In fact, the silk blouse I've fallen in love with is actually a Kelly Ripa favorite. I saw the talk show host wearing it practically nonstop on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Intrigued, I used my investigative skills to do some digging, and eventually, I learned this isn't your average silk blouse. It's stain-resistant and machine washable. No wonder Ripa owns it in several colors.

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The Ripa-approved silk blouses are from Numi, a brand that "consciously creates products to make life a little easier." The label was born from founder Michelle Shemilt's own frustrations, when she realized she rarely wore her favorite clothing because it was either prone to noticeable sweat stains, required dry cleaning (an expensive habit!), or both.

Numi's range, which includes everything from simple tees to elegant blouses (Ripa and I are both keen on the latter), can be worn worry-free and also need fewer washes, which, of course, extends their lifecycle and saves water. What's more, my go-to button-down shirt is made of a combination of breathable silk and Naia acetate, which consists of sustainable wood pulp and recycled content, furthering the brand's sustainable impact.

The silk blouse that's quickly become my all-time favorite is made from a lightweight yet durable washable silk that feels so good on. Some silk shirts can cause excessive sweating, but I didn't have a problem when I wore this one for a recent holiday dinner. Plus, I have to mention this again, but I'm obsessed with its stain-repellent design that the brand claims coffee and wine are no match for (watch the video to see what I mean).There were zero remnants of my four-course dinner or two glasses of mine on my shirt at the end of the night, and that is a huge win for me.

It's no wonder Ripa is seen in hers all the time. The talk show host has styled her Simone blouse with everything from pleated skirts to wide-leg trousers; I recently wore my black one with jeans for a look that was simultaneously casual and elevated, but I definitely plan on pairing it with my pleated skirt when it warms up. 

If you love silk but don't like all the hassle that comes with it, this Numi blouse is going to change your life — like it changed mine. Shop it in various colors below. P.S. The pretty olive green is on sale right now!

Shop now: $220;

Shop now: $220;

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