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EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign…

ARIES (Ten of Coins, The Empress, Page of Cups)

Family. It’s so important to you – both the one you already have and the thought of it growing in the future.

I don’t know exactly WHAT the action is this week for you, but it’s around your family’s prosperity, happiness and connection.

The Ten of Coins reveals this is something which can make a difference, for the better, long term.

The Empress shows it comes from a place of love, nurturing and deep emotional understanding.

So, maybe you’re making a proposal to your other half, maybe you’re deciding to try for a baby, maybe you’re making magical Christmas plans for your loved ones, maybe you’re investing financially in a relative or easing their burdens, maybe you’re booking an exciting trip with a sibling or child.

Whatever it is that appeals to you, make it happen Aries.

The Page of Cups is you at your best: showing those you love how much you care. You’re adored too, you know.

TAURUS (Four of Wands, Page of Wands, The Star)

You love a nice, tidy, elegant house – you’re a bit of a Mrs Hinch, Taurus!

Well, this week it’s all about the home front, and sprucing up your nest, ready for winter.

The Page and Four of Wands show you re-investing your hard-earned spoils back into your lovely pad, maybe trying something a bit different, a wee bit daring (go on…).

The Star reveals this endeavour will turn out WAY better than you expected, so don’t hold back on your designs and imaginative ideas.

You’ve got a great eye and fantastic taste, I wonder if you’ve ever thought about interior design as a carer?

You’ve got such natural flair, and I want you to let it flow this week.

Pick a room and revamp it, or pick a new theme/motif and layer it throughout your home, take a look at your outdoor space – can you make it into a winter wonderland?

Even if it’s heading to the shops and getting a new batch of Christmas decorations.

Invest in your home, and you’ll feel all cosy and warm.

GEMINI (The High Priestess, Nine of Swords, The Hanged Man)

Deep down, something is worrying you. It’s ALMOST at a subconscious level (but not THAT deep, because you ARE aware of it).

The High Priestess and Nine of Swords is a powerful card-combo about unspoken anxieties and worrying intuitions.

There’s an unsettling sensation in your gut, you are not sleeping as soundly as you’d like, you feel on edge.

The world is a scary place, I know, and sometimes we just feel overwhelmed by the news, the media, the sensationalism and drama…

What you need is a change of perspective. The Hanged Man reminds us that we can take a different angle on things.

Two people can experience the same event, but have a completely different outlook, and therefore emotional response, to what has happened.

Try to ‘spin’ your worries into positive narrative, try to see the bright side, the silver lining.

Train your brain to see there’s light, even in the darkest of darkness. It will help. A little.

CANCER (The Wheel of Fortune, King of Wands, Four of Coins)

You’ve kinda’ got one foot in, and one foot out. The Wheel of Fortune and King of Wands are both potent cards about change, progression, risk, movement… so something in your life is moving FAST, and things are changing every day as a result.

It’s good but… you don’t really feel THAT comfortable with this pace and volume of change.

You want it to slow down and, unconsciously, you’re blocking this energy.

The Four of Coins is you right now, trying to hold on to the status quo, resisting the impacts of the changes (that are coming anyway, so this is a futile exercise).

Can you see yourself doing this? Can you feel that inner twinge of disquiet every time a piece of new news lands?

Cancer, it’s only going to limit your ability to make the most of the emerging opportunities and pathways this transformation process reveals. It’s only going to drain your energy.

You can’t stay put, you have to go with the flow, roll with the tide… Don’t hold on. Let go, and let this wave of energy carry you… it’s going to be good!

LEO (Ace of Swords, Queen of Swords, The Chariot)

A home truth or surprising piece of news or insight is revealed this week to you, as shown by the brutally honest Ace of Swords.

Whatever this news is… well, it’s better to be IN the picture than OUT of it, so don’t shoot the messenger!

The Queen of Swords hints that it will make you want to cut ties with someone, or get some distance from them at least.

And that’s fine. It’ll give you space to absorb what you’ve discovered, without knee-jerk reacting and making waves that could change things forever.

Get away. The Chariot reveals this is definitely the best course of action.

Don’t engage with the situation until you’ve had your ‘time out’, ideally a physical one where you’re in a different territory to the issue.

A change of scene helps us gain a broader perspective, helps us to put things in a useful context.

This is important, because this news can either be taken as a catalyst for good… or bad. Opt for the former.

VIRGO (The Sun, The Magician, Three of Coins)

Oooo, Virgo, you’ve got a secret admirer! Did you know?

I bet you didn’t… The Ten of Cups reveals this person could be someone you can have a lasting, loving relationship with too, so (if you’re single) this is great news (if you’re not single, well, maybe not so great!).

Clues? Well, the Six of Cups hints it’s someone from your past.

MAYBE an ex, but also as likely to be an old school/college/childhood/work acquaintance.

Maybe a friend of a friend. The Four of Cups suggests you DO know them but they’ve never been on your radar, for some reason.

You’ve overlooked this GEM of a person, but they have never forgotten you!

So, if this is something you’d like to pursue, take a trip down Memory Lane, revisit the old scene, reconnect with old friends.

Ignite a bit of reunion and see what surfaces… maybe the love of your life!

LIBRA (Knight of Wands, Six of Coins, Nine of Swords)

There’s something worrying you which you’re keeping VERY private, and others would probably be shocked to learn this has been weighing on your mind so heavily.

The Nine of Swords shows up when we’re nursing a secret anxiety and the message is ALWAYS to vent it, share it, talk about it aloud… because this is how you release yourself from its grip.

Half of what you’re imagining isn’t even real, the other half can be dealt with swiftly through practical measures.

SO, pick a friend – the Knight of Wands hints it’s someone who is bright, breezy and optimistic (maybe a Fire sign- Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) – and get their take on it.

They will help you get this back into perspective and see how you CAN address the bits of it that need attention.

The Six of Coins reveals a “double whammy” effect of talking this through, and that is the boost to your relationship with your confidant.

People love to be asked for help, guidance, advice.

People warm to you when you’re prepared to show them a vulnerability.

So, don’t hesitate to ask for support, Libra, because it’s only going to make this, and your relationship, better.

SCORPIO (Ten of Coins, The Hanged Man, The High Priestess)

Do you enjoy meditating? I bet you do – it’s a solitary pursuit where you can tune in to yourself… and you really, truly only rely on yourself.

So, The High Priestess and The Hanged Man ask you to go on an internal journey, to reflect and consider and let your mind roam.

It’s not an entirely free-flowing process, though, there IS a purpose here.

The Ten of Coins reveals your “brief” is to think about your security and stability financially.

You may wonder what your inner world could possibly have to contribute there… but I promise you that there’s something in this.

Perhaps it’s a bad habit you need to identify and stop, perhaps it’s an opportunity to make money you’ve been brewing and need to ignite, perhaps it’s an investment in your home or savings or possessions which could pay off down the line.

Whatever it is, you don’t yet know it. And you need to schedule some quiet time, shut the door, switch off your phone… and meditate on it.

Answers and ideas will emerge.

SAGITTARIUS (Seven of Wands, Justice, The Wheel of Fortune)

You’re going to be proven right, and vindicated (YASS), but things will take a turn, in the meantime, that you don’t expect.

Hold on, don’t worry, it WILL all come right eventually.

The Seven of Wands and Justice show that you’ve been at odds with someone, and really you feel this has all been pretty unfair on you.

They won’t see it your way, they won’t compromise, they won’t even listen properly… and you’re tired of it.

Don’t fret, because Justice is a GREAT omen. You will come through this as the “victor”, and your opinion will be recognised.

However, you’ve just got to let this unfold naturally.

Take care of your side of the street, and let karma sweep up the rest. Don’t interfere/meddle/cause trouble/seek revenge… let sleeping dogs lie.

The Wheel of Fortune shows things will take a few twisty turns before the end, so expect the unexpected this week.

Whatever happens, trust that it’s all going to shake down in the right way eventually.

And don’t get caught in the drama. Sail onwards, you’re on the right course.

CAPRICORN (Death, Eight of Swords, Five of Wands)

You’re not one to go looking for trouble, but you don’t turn it away either.

The Five of Wands shows there is conflict around you, and people are getting on your nerves.

It’s highly tempting to weigh in and give them a piece of your mind, to overtly set yourself against them and vocalise your frustration. Don’t do it.

The Eight of Swords and Death are both cards of change and transformation, and advise you to take a totally different tack here.

Whatever your gut reaction tells you to do… resist it, and go the other way.

It will feel odd/forced/unnatural, I know, BUT it’s going to lead you to a WAY better resolution and outcome here.

When people feel attacked/cornered, they rarely react well.

So, if you go on the offensive, you’re only going to stoke up the fires, cause more trouble, provoke a stronger reaction… and that in turn will anger you even more.

Be different, feel different, and get different back.

AQUARIUS (The World, The Moon, King of Coins)

You’re usually so very clear in your own mind about your opinions, plans and ideals.

About everything, in fact, but recently this has changed.

The World and the King of Coins reflect your long-term ambitions and strategies – your trajectory, where you’re heading, why, and what success looks like.

The “master plan”, if you like! Once-upon-a-time, you had this down.

You knew your goals and where you were at on progressing towards them. What’s changed?

The Moon reveals that you instinctively know you need to shift, change course, renew your ambitions but you’re not inspired about any one particular idea right now.

That’s OK, Aquarius, there’s no rush here!

You don’t know everything you need to just yet, you don’t have all the information or insights, you don’t yet see that “big picture” you’re so fond of.

Relax and don’t do anything, don’t commit one way or another, don’t pressurise yourself to create a plan you don’t believe in.

Let things unfold, do some research, ask questions, seek answers… slowly and surely you’ll uncover the knowledge that unlocks the door to your next big quest.

PISCES (Queen of Cups, Queen of Coins, Queen of Wands)

Three Queens this week, Pisces, so it’s all about the women in your life! That could include family, friends, colleagues, even those you think are fantastic from afar.

And the other theme here is learning/improving, so it’s about seeking what you wish to emulate, learn or admire about these women.

A little boost of personal development, inspired by the women you think are worth copying.

We all grow through imitation. Spotting traits or behaviours we think are wonderful, and then trying them on for size in our own way.

Copying is no bad thing, plagiarism works! And you’ll naturally add your own twist to their “thing”, so it becomes your own.

Adopt something you see working for someone else, seek a mentor, spend time asking a friend’s advice, journal what you admire most about your mother/grandmother/siblings, learn a new trick from a younger relative.

Whatever is going to bring positivity into your life, invite it in.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at

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