Lad shows off B&M haul worth £125 he got for just 90p with 10p deals

A LAD has shown off the B&M haul worth £125 he got for just 90p.

He picked up five sets of bedding and four lamps under the chain's 10p deals.

It's perfect for decking out a master bedroom and spare room – and the whole lot cost less than a quid.

Posting on Facebook's Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group yesterday, he said: "10p each b&m.

"£124.98 worth of stuff for 90p not bad to be honest".

The duvet sets were originally priced at £17 or £16.99, while the lamps were a tenner each.

People were delighted with the deals, which came up when the bedding was scanned.

They wrote: "10p bedding!!!! We need!!!", "Brilliant", "Wow, clever you" and "Great bargains".

Others said: "Absolutely brilliant. Well done" and "Puts my bargains to shame."

Some felt the deal was too good to be true and asked if he poster was having them on.

But B&M workers insisted the deal was legit, writing: "I work at b&m. Yes, items are sold at 10p each. Often."

A second woman insisted: "I used to work there…it does happen and more often than you would think.

"Old stock with old barcodes. They get so much stock in they need the space for new stuff even if its just the same item but with different product code".

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