Mom reveals the three things she does to make sure her son behaves when they’re out in public – and it’s pretty simple

A MOTHER has shared how she sets expectations for her son in order to avoid him misbehaving in public.

The parenting guru, named Jackie Santillan, uses a method of parenting called gentle parenting, which is a growing trend.

Jackie shared her method of keeping her son behaving in public in a step-by-step guide on TikTok.

She said it’s all about outlining the “HOW” for the excursion.


“The ‘H’ stands for ‘help,’” she explained. “Tell [your kids] how they can get your attention if they need it.”

The expert suggested using a hand sign or a verbal signal, which could be as simple as kids calling the mom’s first name when they need her.


The “O” represents a circle or volume knob – and is meant to allow kids to visualize how loud they should be. 

“My son is three and he responds well to knowing quiet, medium, and loud,” she detailed. 


Lastly, the “W” represents what kids’ bodies should be doing while out of the house.

“Should they be walking right next to you? Should they be holding your hand? Should they have walking feet or running feet?” Jackie asked. 

“What should they be doing to be behaving the way you’re expecting them to?”

In conclusion, she confidently told her followers that as long as they set those three things, their kids will be very aware of how they should be acting.

This results in a smaller chance of misbehavior.

Jackie’s comments section was flooded with people applauding this approach and agreeing that kids need thorough instruction like the one she suggested.

“Telling kids to ‘behave,’ but we just expect them to know what that means,” one person mused. 

“My mom always did this with us and looking back it was so smart!” another user enthusiastically commented. 

Jackie is just one of several mothers who have shared their journeys with gentle parenting with the internet. 


Another person who uses this technique previously explained why she doesn’t take away television time from her kids when they do something wrong. 

Instead, she tries to use a punishment that somehow fixes or relates to her kids’ misbehavior, which she calls a “related consequence.”

A second parent who uses this parenting approach shared why they don’t force their kids to hug people against their will. 

“It's really important to give kids the opportunity to flex their consent muscles every day,” the parenting expert explained. 

Gentle parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith believes there is a myriad of benefits to gentle parenting and describes it on her website as a technique that emphasizes empathy, respect, and understanding between parents and children. 

Furthermore, a study conducted by researchers published in Development and Psychopathology found that harsher ways of parenting may actually stunt a child’s brain and social developments – which may give parents more of a reason to try the new gentle parenting approach. 

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