Mum clears out junk-filled attic and makes it into an epic cinema room for her whole family

EVER wish you had space in your home for a cinema room? Maybe you don’t need to wait until you are a millionaire and should consider your attic. 

A creative mum has revealed how her family renovated their loft to create the ultimate family movie room, complete with reclining chairs. 

Before the transformation project, the attic was used for storing old items, like a fan, cushions and an old vacuum cleaner. 

Photos shared on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget show the attic being completely cleared of clutter and given a lick of paint.

Stylish decoration and furniture were added, including a plush carpet, four leather reclining chairs and a big screen TV. 

Finally, purple neon lights were added around the side of the room to finish off the epic home cinema. 

People were quick to share their amazement at the incredible home cinema.

One wrote: “Wow this is wicked. I would love this.”

Another added: “Great idea I love this! You did a wonderful job”. 

Meanwhile, one commented: “This is by far THE BEST post on here I’ve ever seen and so awesomely family orientated. 

“Hats off to you it’s amazeballs.”

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