Mum left red-faced after her son doodles a picture of a butternut squash but it looks like something far ruder

A MUM has been left red-faced after her son doodled a picture of a butternut squash – but it looked like something far ruder.

The five-year-old's artistic endeavours were met with laughter after he didn't quite manage to capture the essence of the vegetable.

Emily Clarkson from Leeds tried to be the supportive mother when her son Mylo proudly presented her with the painting he'd drawn.

But when she laid eyes on it it was hard not to burst out into hysterics.

Little Mylo had attempted to draw a common household vegetable, but it ended up looking like male genitalia instead.

The 31-year-old teaching assistant explained the blunder, saying:

"He just went quiet one morning while he was doodling and then I asked him what he was drawing.

"He said he had seen a butternut squash in the kitchen and had drawn it.

"He showed it to me and I tried my hardest to not laugh when I saw what it was."

The hilarious drawing shows two phallic looking outlines in great detail, even down to what look like testicles and squiggles that some might even interpret as pubic hair.

Though the outcome wasn't what he'd intended, Mylo certainly displays artistic promise!


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