Mum reveals the one simple trick to get picky eaters to clean their plates every time

GOT a fussy eater at home? Then you'll know exactly what it's like to offer them endless food options only for them to reject them all.

But according to mum and dietician Sarah Derry, giving kids too many options is the WORST thing you could do.

Posting on her Instagram page Nourishing Picky Eaters, Sarah argued that parents give their kids "too much control" over meals.

She wrote: "It is YOUR job as the parent to decide what’s on the menu, while being considerate of your child’s likes and dislikes.

"If you ask them… 'do you want [peanut butter and jelly sandwich] for lunch?' you are setting yourself up for a 'NO!'"

Using her own daughter as an example, Sarah explained: "If you ask them… 'what do you want for lunch' they will choose their favorite foods every. Single. Time! That’s now their little brains work!!

"[Asking what they want] will reinforce picky eating and power struggles."

Instead, the expert recommends deciding what they're having ahead of time and giving them a choice of snack.

For example, Sarah tells her kids: "We’re having grilled cheese for lunch – would you like apple slices or grapes with it?”

She added: "That way, YOU are controlling the options, while still giving them some power.

Try to avoid asking your child what they want to eat for meals and snacks. It is YOUR job as the parent to decide what’s on the menu, while being considerate of your child’s likes and dislikes.

"AND you can ensure that you are meeting their nutritional needs and exposing them to a variety of foods, which is 100% necessary to help them overcome their picky eating!"

Needless to say, the tip racked up over 22,000 "likes" on Instagram and other parents said they'd be trying it for themselves.

"You’re so right," one replied. "The second I stopped offering choices and just made the damn lunch the power struggle stopped."

Another added: "Offering two choices makes it easier for them to decide and makes it less overwhelming!"

Another added: "Love this! I am a bit more picky than my kid but I will always give him a few options.

"'Do you want carrots or broccoli' or 'would you rather have a sandwich or soup?' Saved my entire life when I found this hack. Love love love it so much!!"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Same with their clothes. Instead of asking 'What do you want to wear?' I choose two outfits and let them choose between them. It still gives them a choice but you don’t have to spend forever letting them choose"

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