Mum shares bizarre gym hack to save money on energy bills and leaves people divided | The Sun

A SELF-CONFESSED frugal woman has come up with a clever plan to slash her energy bills – and it’s all thanks to joining the gym.

TikTok star Duchess of Thrift, who can be found at @duchessofthrift, shared her money saving secrets with her social media followers – but not everyone was convinced by her plan.

The social media star posted a video on her account titled: “Saving on your energy bill – why shower at the gym.”

She then explained: “My cheeky hack – and I talk about it a lot – is showering at the gym.

“So I’ve got a membership for one of the budget gyms – it’s like £15 a month – but a ten minute power shower if you’re on gas is 43p in the gas and, if you’re on electricity, it’s £1.64.

“So once you add the water into that as well, the cost of a ten minute shower in a power shower at home is £2.09p if you’re using electricity, and if it’s gas, it’s 88p.”

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Duchess of Thrift then shared how if you did this every day throughout the week, it would end up mourning up, so that using the gym seemed like the sensible idea for her.

She went on to say: “Even if you’re just popping into the gym just to have your shower, you’re making the best use of your gym membership.

“And if you’ve got two adults in the house with a gym membership, obviously you can double that amount.

“Per year, it’s £760 a year you can save if you’ve got an electric shower at home, and £320 a year if you use gas.”

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Addressing her critics who said that surely a gym membership is a waste of money, Duchess of Thrift said it’s her way of investing in her mental and physical health.

Yet her hack still managed to completely divide her followers right down the middle.

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On the one hand, one person said: “£2.09?! I had no idea it was this much! My gym is open 24 hours a day, is two blocks away and has free to use hair dryers.”

While at the other end of the spectrum, another pointed out: “But if you don’t live near a gym, you use fuel in your car – swings and roundabouts.”

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