Mum who feeds family-of-four on just £20 a week shares her top cost-cutting hacks & how she NEVER pays full price

A MUM has shared her savvy tricks on how she spends just £20 a week on a food shop – and how you can too.

Natalie Robson, 33, from Devizes, Wiltshire, has perfected the art of finding food on sale, so she never spends extortionate prices.

Natalie, a supermarket cashier, used to spend up to £70 per week on food and household items, but now she knows when and where to find the best deals.

Her nifty saving means that the mum-of-two has cut costs so she can splash out on day trips, but also for her children Ethan, seven, and Elizabeth, four, who both have autism.

She says: “I can’t imagine paying full price for an item now.”

Always on the hunt for a good deal, Natalie scouts out her weekly shop in the evening, when the yellow stickers are sure to be on sale.

Natalie says: “Everything I buy is reduced such as bread, potatoes, vegetables and meat.

“Meat is usually the most expensive thing on the plate, but I can get five per cent fat minced meat for 65p, a whole chicken for £1.20 and pork chops for as little as 60p.

“As soon as I get home, I put most things in the freezer.”

She says the key to making your money go further is knowing how to store different food properly, so they don’t go off too quickly.

Another trick she boasts about is using common sense when it comes to throwing away food.

Natalie says: “I think people get scared of the date on the packet, but it doesn’t mean it’s off as soon as it’s that date.

“You just have to use your common sense – if it smells funny, then it’s probably off.

“But if it's frozen straight away it will last a few more months.”

However, she did admit that sometimes it can be “a luck of the draw” because the shelves are usually wiped.

Natalie assures that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when going yellow sticker shopping, because she’s bagged so many good deals that she gets to focus and spend on the things she wants to.

She says: “I cut wherever I can as it means I can do more for the kids.

“As long as you are feeding your family it doesn’t matter how much you pay.”

Natalie uses the £30-£40 extra she saves each week to treat her children to days out, or new things.

She says: “: “As my children are both autistic, they have different needs.

“So the money saved makes all the difference as I can buy Elizabeth sensory toys to keep her interactive and Ethan clothes as he goes through a lot of them.”

Nataliealso says it’s not just food people can save on, but that they should also be on the lookout for household items too – including washing detergent.

She says: “I’ve got enough washing detergent to last me all year as I managed to get Ariel liquid tabs for £2 each.”


*Please note: this is just an example of a shop – every week is different as it depends on what is on offer.

Apples – 15p a bag

500g 5% Fat mince meat – 65p

Potatoes – 5-10p a bag

Sandwich meats – 10-30p

Eggs – 5-50p

2kgs of fresh chicken breast – £5 – the most I will spend

Whole chicken – £1.25

Pork chops- 90p

Organic brown rice – 35p per pack x 4

Washing powder – Persil liquids tabs – £2 each

Pack of pears- 10p x 2

Kiwis – 5p

Sirloin steak – 65p x 5

Oven pizza – £1.30 x 2

Pressed ox tongue – 33p x 4

Chicken Kievs – 90p x 2

Fruit pots – 70p

Total – £20.27p

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