My handyman secretly filmed me showering – I trusted him as my mate’s husband but he hid a camera in the radiator

LOUISE Alexander took pity on her mate’s husband Shaun Little when he offered to help her with DIY around the house. 

She wasn’t massively keen on him assisting – she found him a bit weird – but it’s hard to say no to friends isn’t it?

But when he started turning up at the 31-year-old’s home in Grays, Essex, more and more she tried to set boundaries.

He didn’t listen – there wasn’t an urgent tiling job in the shower which just had to be done, he claimed…

What she didn’t know was he’d fixed more than just the tiles.

Now Louise has waived her right to anonymity to talk to Fabulous about her skin-crawling experience.

I’d just finished work when I heard my phone ping with a message and I reached into my handbag to retrieve it.

"Fancy a lift?' The text read as I clicked the screen on.

I felt my skin crawl as I realised the message was from Shaun, my friend’s husband. "How did he even know I’d finished work?" I thought to myself as I punched out a reply.

"I’m fine, thanks," I typed back.

I tried to shake off Shaun’s creepy vibes. But when I checked my phone again later I sighed. There was a string of missed calls from Shaun.

Everyone round our way knew Shaun was odd. But I was mates with his wife and so I just put his quirks down to an over-friendly personality.

But soon, no one could deny Shaun was singling me out for special attention. He was helpful and friendly to everyone but in time, Shaun was offering to pick me up from work or suggesting little outings, just the two of us. 

"He’s definitely obsessed with you," my sister-in-law said. I laughed along but inside, Shaun’s extra attention bothered me. I was single but that didn’t mean I was looking for a relationship. Besides, Shaun was married to my friend.

It didn’t feel right when he popped over for no reason, offered me lifts or phoned me in the evenings just for a chat.

"I wish he’d leave me alone," I confided in my sister-in-law. But with so many mutual friends in our circle, there was no way I could avoid Shaun. 

So when Shaun offered to help out with some DIY at my place, I was unsure. But then his wife got involved and I felt too embarrassed to say no. "You won’t even know he’s there," she said. "He’s happy to help."

Everyone round our way knew Shaun was odd. But I was mates with his wife and so I just put his quirks down to an over-friendly personality.

I sighed as I relented. The truth was, as a single mum-of-two I could use the extra help around the house.

Our hall needed repainting and the bathroom needed some work too. "If you’re sure you don’t mind, it would be a big help," I told Shaun, handing him a spare key.

When he got to work on the hall I was excited to spruce up the place. Shaun kept himself to himself, letting himself in while I was at work to minimise the disruption.

"These are the colours I’ve gone for," I said, showing him the paint chart. And Shaun nodded, taking a note.

But one day, I got home from work to find Shaun still there. "Shouldn’t you be at home?" I said, trying to hide my frustration. I just wanted the place to myself but Shaun was still finishing up little jobs.

But as the evening drew on and Shaun stuck around, it was clear that he didn’t just have DIY on the agenda.

"Won’t your wife be missing you?" I asked as he sidled up for a chat.

I hoped Shaun would get the hint and go home, but instead he pulled up a chair and sat down.

It was only when I started clattering pots and pans in the kitchen as I got tea ready for the kids that Shaun finally left.

But Shaun still had a list of odd jobs to do around the house and so I was forced to bite my tongue when he kept popping over to fix this and that.

Then one day, I was carrying the laundry basket downstairs when I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye.

"That’s a spy camera," one of them confirmed, pulling up an image from Google.

It was Shaun – and he was in my bedroom.

"What are you doing?" I cried, clutching the linen basket in horror.

"Nothing, sorry, I was just trying to help," he said. Shaun’s apology was sincere but he was just so… creepy.

Soon, it became common practice for him to pop round uninvited, and let himself in with the key I’d given him.

One day, I decided it was time to set some boundaries. Then one day, in March 2019, I got an urgent call from my "helpful handyman."

"I need to install something in your shower," he told me, as he explained he needed to check the tiling.

"I’m on my way," he said. I had my towel wrapped around me and I was just about to get into the shower.

"Can’t it wait, I’m just about to use it," I told him. "Can you come back another time?"

It seemed there was no getting rid of Shaun and within minutes, he was at the door. "Only me!" he called out, letting himself in.

"Honestly Shaun, I was just about to have a shower…" I said.

But Shaun had barged into the bathroom with his toolbox before I even finished my sentence. "It’ll only take a minute," he said, as I left him to it.

Afterwards, he sat on the stairs outside the bathroom and I pulled my towel tighter around me.

"I’ll stick around, check the sealant on the tiling is waterproof after you’ve showered," he said.

He’s so weird, I thought as I went into the bathroom.

I felt so uncomfortable and hated the thought of Shaun sitting on the stairs outside as I stripped and showered.

Afterwards, I dried myself down and pulled my dressing gown from the radiator. But as I shrugged it on, I noticed a little black box glued to the radiator.

Perhaps it’s one of the kids’ toys, I wondered as I got closer and inspected it. But then a light on the box blinked and the terrifying reality dawned on me. 

I pulled my robe tightly around me as I rushed out of the bathroom. But just then, Shaun legged it.  

My two brothers had arrived at the house while I was in the shower, and obviously scared him off.

"Come upstairs and look at this," I called down to my brothers. 

"That’s a spy camera," one of them confirmed, pulling up an image from Google. 

Horrified, I rang the police and when officers went to Shaun’s house they found naked images of me on his computer.

He must have filmed me having a shower…

Horrified, I rang the police and when officers went to Shaun’s house they found naked images of me on his computer. 

Even more horrifying, officers confirmed Shaun had been livestreaming the footage, watching me shower as he sat outside on my stairs.

Suddenly it all made sense. No wonder Shaun had been so keen to get into the bathroom before I showered.

I was devastated and dreaded to think what might have happened if I hadn’t found his spyware when I did. 

In October 2020, Shaun Little pleaded guilty at Basildon Crown Court to recording a person doing a private act and he’ll be sentenced next month. 

I’m so glad I got justice but Shaun still hasn’t given back his key so I’ve been forced to change the locks so he never plagues our lives again. 

Now I’m moving on but I’ll never forget the day I caught Shaun spying on me in the shower. I’m just glad I’ve washed that creep out of my life for good. 

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