My mother-in-law hates my baby daughter's name and refuses to ever use it – but people think she has a valid reason | The Sun

A MOTHER accidentally gave her baby girl the same name as her father-in-law’s mistress – because of this, her husband’s mother refuses to say the child’s name.

The woman and her husband decided to keep the name of their second child a secret from their family members.

It wasn’t until the birth of their daughter that they finally revealed to the mother-in-law what her granddaughter’s name was.

However, the mother-in-law became upset and that’s when the couple learned their daughter had the same name as a mistress from the mother-in-law’s past.

“For days afterward, she would call my husband crying and pleading with him to change our baby’s name, telling him he should never have kept it a secret,” the mother wrote to Abigail Van Buren – AKA Dear Abby.

According to the woman, her mother-in-law vowed never to speak the child’s name and only refers to her as “little one.”

The mother said she received a generous gift from her mother-in-law but didn’t know how to thank her since it seems she doesn’t want to talk.

“At this point, she hasn’t checked in with me, the one who gave birth.”

In her response, Abby said that it was “unfortunate” that the woman and her husband chose a name for their daughter that was the same as the woman her father-in-law cheated with.

“If your mother-in-law’s solution to the problem is to refer to her granddaughter as ‘little one,’ accept it,” wrote Abby.

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She added that the nickname seemed “very loving” and it might be the best way for the mother-in-law to cope with her granddaughter’s name.

Abby also suggested that the mother write a thank you note for the generous gift she received.

“Sign it, ‘With love from (your name) and ‘Little One,’ with I think is a sweet nickname.”

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