My wife grounded our 7-year-old daughter for her 'foul language' but I totally disagree with her

A SURPRISED bloke explained that his seven-year-old daughter was grounded by his wife for two weeks for "foul language" when she had used the word "secs" for seconds.

The frustrated husband explained that his daughter had heard her mum say "in a sec" and had decided to use it herself in its plural form.

Despite the explanation his wife deemed the language unacceptable and insisted that she be disciplined.

Taking to Reddit, he said: "Today when I came home from work, my daughter (7yo) didn't greet me as usual.

"I checked on her and she was apparently grounded by her mom for two weeks.

"I asked my wife why she had done so and she told me that her teacher had called and said that our daughter used foul language in class.

"I asked her what the word was and how it was used. it was the word ['sex'].

"I asked my daughter where she had learnt the word and she said that she had heard mom telling her friend that she'll be there in a sec.

"She had then learnt that it means second. so she used it in plural form i.e. 'secs' while talking to her friend and the teacher called my wife after hearing her."

Satisfied that it was all just a misunderstanding, the man explained the story to his wife, who didn't change her stance at all.


He said: "I relayed the same to my wife but she said that it's still not acceptable for a kid to use such language and our daughter has to be disciplined.

"I told her to stop overreacting to such an innocent mistake. She told me I'm being very lax and that I'm not a good parent.

"She's refusing to talk to me or our daughter now."

The post gained a lot of attention from fellow Reddit users and amassed more than 1.3k comments from people keen to have their say.

One said: "The teacher was mistaken when she labeled it foul language in the first place, but your wife is really over reacting.

"Not even sure what grounding a seven-year-old consists of honestly. But yeah, this does not warrant two weeks of punishment."

I told her to stop overreacting to such an innocent mistake. She told me I'm being very lax and that I'm not a good parent.

A second said: "Honestly, even if the kid did say sex, that's not even foul language. So what do kids learn in school, [censored] ed? This is an unhealthy degree of pearl clutching puritanism."

A third agreed: "Your child is seven. She is still learning. 'Secs' in this context is NOT a foul word. She was repeating something she overheard HER MOTHER saying. She didn't use a dirty word."

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