New Milan-based Brand Brings Activism to Fashion

Fashion activism is at the core of a new Milan-based genderless brand, which is debuting this week with a direct-to-consumer model.

Established in 2020, Anti-do-to, as its name suggests, aims to offer an antidote to some of the biggest social issues, including environmental exploitation, lack of mental and physical well-being, inclusion and justice within global communities.

Founded by a group of private investors and fashion experts, Anti-do-to offers collections of practical pieces for both men and women, crafted in Italy from eco-friendly materials, including certified organic cotton, recycled nylon and textile waste.

In keeping with its activist purpose, every season Anti-do-to will make an estimate of its net profits and allocate 50 percent of that sum to support the development of projects with a significant social and environmental impact. For example, for its debut, Anti-do-to has decided to finance the creation of a skatepark in the port of Gaza, Palestine.

A look from the first Anti-do-to collection. Courtesy of Anti-do-to

The brand is launching its first collection, which was crafted in small, independent factories across the Veneto region, at its online store this week. The lineup features 15 items, including T-shirts, jersey and knitted sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as fluid pants, waterproof jackets, a beanie and a baseball cap. In order to foster inclusivity within the fashion industry, everything is cut in fluid, comfortable silhouettes, adapting to different body shapes.

According to the company, its offering will be enlarged with capsules developed in collaboration with other designers, brands and creative collectives in the future.

To spread its positive messages, Anti-do-to will share creative contents, also developed in collaboration with global activists, through its digital platform, as well as through its social media accounts.

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